Terrible mistakes in Ramadan 2020’s series that make us wonder…how!!!

Ramadan has become synonymous with TV shows that entertain us throughout the whole month, even after. Some episodes succeed in attracting spectators, such as Al Nehia, Al Ekhtiar, and Bi 100 Wesh; while others were very disliked, including Regalit Al Bit.

However, what the audience could not help but strongly criticize were the scenes that showed the following undue mistakes.

Forsa Tania: 

The first scene was of the series Forsa Tania and showed Yasmin Sabry. She appeared in a hospital after a car accident with full makeup and a small spot of blusher on her forehead. This great faked scene was supposed to convince us by her severe conditions!

Al Berns: 

In one of the scenes, Mohamed Ramadan appeared on a hospital’s bed with the electrocardiogram (EKG)  patches stuck on his arm instead of being so properly on his chest. Was it that difficult for the series’ crew to resort to a real doctor?!

Another series’ scene that the audience mocked was the EKG’s clip left on the actor’s nose and not on his finger.

Hob Omry:

Simply, the cannula’s nutrient syringe on Mido Adel’s hand was supposed to be placed in the direction of the body’s circulation and not the opposite way.

Loobat Al Nesian:

In the very first episode, with a baby who was almost one-year-old, we had to believe that Dina El Sherbiny has just given birth!


Even Adel Imam’s episodes Valantino was not exempted from criticism. This was after Egypt’s flag was shown upsidedown. Did not anybody of the TV show’s group notice such an obvious mistake?