Egypt’s Older Persons Celebrate Active Living with Golden Years Foundation (GYF) Rally at Merryland

Egypt’s population is aging rapidly, with older persons aged 65 and over representing more than 8% (approximately 7.4 million) according to CAPMAS. This number is projected to rise significantly, highlighting the crucial need for initiatives that promote active and healthy aging.

The Golden Years Foundation Steps Up

In response to this growing need, the GYF, dedicated to empowering older persons to live fulfilling and healthy lives, is pleased to announce its highly anticipated annual “Walk the Walk Rally” for 2024.

“With Egypt’s Ministry of Health anticipating older persons to reach 22 million by 2050, GYF is addressing this underserved population’s need,” said Dina Hashish, Founder of the Golden Years Foundation. “Since 2021, the GYF has become a vital resource for this segment, fostering a community of over 55,000 members,” Ms. Hashish continued. “We connect members with essential services and advocate for programs that promote active living. Hosting this annual rally is a way to further connect members with even more older persons and empower them to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of virtual and in-person activities, including book clubs, a Golden Years choir, craft bazaars, trips, and wellness workshops.”

Highlighting this growing need, the Egyptian government, under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, recently took a significant step towards addressing the protection and improvement of the quality of life for the elderly. Discussions focused on enhancing the very services – social support, healthcare, and insurance. This government focus aligns perfectly with the mission of the GYF, and together these efforts have the potential to significantly improve the lives of millions of Egyptian older persons.

A Celebration of Active Living

Building on the success of the previous event conducted under the patronage of Ministry of Social Solidarity and Ministry of Youth and Sports with over 2,000 participants, this year the rally will be held on Saturday 11th of May at 10:00 am in the vibrant setting of Merryland Heliopolis Park. The GYF Rally will offer a comprehensive and engaging program for older persons and their families. Attendees can expect a variety of live entertainment options, participate in fitness activities designed to promote physical well-being, connect with representatives from older persons-focused service providers at dedicated resource booths, and enjoy delicious refreshments throughout the event.

Join the Celebration

The Golden Years Foundation rally open its doors to older persons seeking an engaging event to families looking for ways to support their loved ones. Leading the charge is Dina Hashish, the founder of The Golden Years Foundation, a recognized leader in healthy aging by the UN Decade of Healthy Aging initiative.