FABMISR joins forces with Project NXT in support of youth and creative industry

First Abu Dhabi Bank Misr (FABMISR), one of the largest banks operating in Egypt, has announced the signing of a long-term partnership agreement with ‘Project NXT’, the first digital platform of its kind that aims to create an integrated ecosystem to discover and develop emerging talents in the fields of filmmaking, acting, and music. This unique partnership aligns with FABMISR’s on-going support for youth in the cultural and creative industries in Egypt and the Region.
Project NXT is an integrated ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between emerging talents and the larger entertainment industry by democratizing opportunities to learn from distinguished industry experts, connect with the region’s top-tier production firms, and get acknowledged and awarded through on-going competitions, all under the auspices of the esteemed superstar, Youssra, who chairs the platform as its honorary president.
In this context, Mariam ElSamny, Head of Consumer Banking at FABMISR, stated: “Our strategy at FABMISR encompasses support for innovation and creativity through unlocking the potential of young talents. We strive to create added value that positively impacts societal development and fosters a high-yielding talent ecosystem. Our goal is to support aesthetic geniuses in representing Egypt in a manner befitting its enduring ancient history of arts and innovation, which is globally admired.”
“’Project NXT’ platform embodies our strategy. Through it, we aim to establish a comprehensive ecosystem that fosters the development of the cultural and artistic scene in Egypt and the Region. We endeavor to cultivate a multitude of distinguished talents and provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to turn their passion into actual work,” ElSamny added
Aref Fakhoury, Founder of Project NXT, expressed his pride in launching the first-of-its-kind platform in the region in collaboration with FABMISR and the renowned actress Youssra, the honorary president of Project NXT, known for her support of talent and her strong desire to support and enable them.
He stated: “Through this collaboration, we aspire to reach a multitude of talents and provide them with opportunities to showcase their capabilities, enriching the artistic and cultural scene in Egypt and the Region. The platform facilitates the development of emerging talents in an array of creative fields by leveraging current digital advancements and establishing an integrated ecosystem that nurtures these talents. The support from a prominent bank such as FABMISR and an esteemed actress like Youssra attests to the significance and efficacy of what Project NXT offers in helping rising talents achieve their dreams.”
In turn, the megastar Youssra, the honorary president of Project NXT, asserted: “Entertainment is not just a profession; it’s a passion that is driven by leaving an impact in the audience’s lives. I decided to join forces with Project NXT to give back to the entertainment industry and pave the way to adding more passionate talents also to leave their impact in our lives.”
“I believe that now with the advancements in technology, we will provide the right tools and opportunities to the younger generations in order to showcase their skills and take their talent to where it belongs.”
FABMISR implements a robust strategy to support various industries by enabling and empowering their growth, with a particular focus on the creative industry and young talents. The bank recognizes the soft power of these talents and their potential to contribute to the development of their communities and support sustainable development. This, in urn, positively impacts economic growth in the country.