Vodafone Egypt’s Summer Training Initiative Nurtures Youth Talent and Fosters Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of its strategy to enhance investment in human capital, Vodafone Egypt announced the graduation of a new batch of students from various Egyptian government and private universities as part of its summer training program. This program aims to develop students’ skills, increase their efficiency, provide practical experience, and build their digital and creative capabilities across various sectors, enabling them to achieve their professional ambitions. For over 20 years, Vodafone Egypt has been one of the pioneering companies to recognize the importance of summer training in the development and preparation of future leaders.

Vodafone Egypt annually strives to enhance its summer training program to keep pace with modern technological advancements. This year’s program includes a variety of activities, with some of the most important ones being teamwork activities, digital learning and raising awareness among students about sustainable development issues, and empowering women.

Vodafone selected the trainees participating in the summer training program from among 13,000 applicants from over 10 Egyptian universities across the country. The percentage of female participants was 55%, while males accounted for 45% of the total trainees. Trainees were assigned a dedicated mentor to guide them throughout the entire month-long training period, which took place from July 17 to August 16. During this time, the trainees underwent practical training with heads of different departments and specializations within the company, with the aim of building technological and digital capabilities to empower them for future leadership roles.

“We believe in the importance of nurturing young talents and providing diverse job opportunities by offering the necessary support and resources to young people, enabling them to develop their skills and acquire the knowledge that empowers them to advance in their professional careers,” said Nagla Kinawi, Human Resources Director at Vodafone Egypt. “We understand that young talent is the foundation of success for any company, and that’s why we strive to provide a work environment that encourages creativity and personal development through internal training and development programs. We also aim to equip young employees with the knowledge and skills required in the ever-changing job market and advanced technology landscape. Youth have the ability to change the world and drive innovation, so we work to provide a motivating work environment and multiple opportunities for growth and development”, Kinawi added.

The training activities included a session on digital well-being presented by the Counseling Psychologist Sherry Botros, with the participation of Dr. Carol Hemel, an Art Psychotherapist. This session utilized art therapy as a creative way of expression and relaxation for the trainees. Additionally, there was a workshop on impactful presentation skills through storytelling, led by Luke Lehner, the co-founder of Ritigala and Luke Lehner Studios. Trainees were also equipped with practical skills for delivering influential presentations using improvisation techniques and storytelling.

In addition, Vodafone Egypt organized a day for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in collaboration with the Egyptian Clothing Bank. The trainees participated in recycling Vodafone’s old uniforms and transformed them into useful items. Amira Adeeb, a prominent figure in social media, delivered a lecture on the importance of recycling and took part in activities related to this field. To conclude the program, Vodafone Egypt held an energetic event including various games and activities under the theme of “Happiness in Summer.”