The Fascinating Connections between The Universe & The 5 Senses

Have you heard before the expression “as above, so below; as below, so above”? This principle was found in ancient philosophy several ages ago, and it means that what is inside the human body is continually connected to the great universe, and what we do on earth is always reflected on the entire planet. So profound to be understood, right? Unfortunately, due to our modern lifestyle, we became estranged from others and the universe. Everyone feels different and dares to make a connection. We confine ourselves within our mundane routines and perpetuate facades that aren’t ours. We often feel that we do not belong as if we came from a different planet, and we cannot fit in

By : Shama Edited by: Christina Aziz

What we are unaware of the fascinating link between the human body and mother earth. Our bodies are fashioned from the food and water that the earth produces; these are the elements that rebuild our cells. And since we have a common human makeup, we are all connected to one another because we are all connected to Earth. Yes, we all seem to dance between many opposites, and we all develop and change according to a wide variety of factors, such as our upbringing, societal expectations, motivation to live and work, inner belief system, our personality, and physical needs. However, the vital keystone that we neglect is the fact that we are part of the whole creation.

Let’s delve into the important question of what truly makes the human body: Our bodies are build and rebuild using elements taken from our surroundings. Our bones, muscles, teeth, and nails are composed of earthly elements, dense enough to hold our weight up with strength, allowing us to work and provide for our beloved ones. Our bodies contain over 60% of water, same as the water that runs through rivers, lakes, and oceans. Water purifies, cleanses, and heals maladies and wounds of the past. In a metaphorical sense, this fluid movement in our bodies and the stunning affinity it has with the earth’s water is a reminiscence of how fleeting our life can be. It’s a temporary cycle in which everything, no matter how grave it is, comes and goes like the wind. 

Another uncanny fact about the connection between our bodies and the earth is that our bodies are made of fire. The acids that we have inside our bodies act like burning fire that breaks down food and kills diseases and infections, keeping us alive and healthy. When air enters our bodies as oxygen, it fuels us with energy – just like the light of the sun that gives plants the ability to grow. Whether consciously or unconsciously, every human breathes, and we are the same. Even the void spaces we have within our bodies echo the empty spaces in the space’s Ether.

We are in dire need to look around and see the big picture – how all the elements that we are made of are thWe same elements that the Earth comprises. Only then, we won’t feel estranged from one another as we are all part of the nature. We live in separate buildings, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of daily traffic and the constant buzzing of technology. Unsurprisingly, we tend to feel trapped, stressed, and unhappy. Consequently, we project our frustration on others, and soon enough we hide away in our caves. But can you imagine how different life will be when you surround yourself with green open spaces, feel the sun rays pouring over you as you listen to the sweet serenades of the birds in the sky?

As wind blows across the surface of the ocean, it calls for us to join the dance. The sands yearn for our feet, and the whole universe wishes to communicate with us. Therefore, we need to surrender to the power of nature as our ancient teachers and gurus have assured us it is the best remedial program.