The Best Five Dances for Beginners to Dance It Out this Summer!

Dancing during summer has a wide range of benefits and is guaranteed to give you a leg up in a short period. Since the pandemic started, we have all been challenged to maintain our physical boost while staying at home. People who work from home don’t get the chance of hitting the road daily, which has a toll on their fitness, especially at a time when gyms and clubs are not allowed to include a huge number of people. The good news is you can give yourself a physical lift by performing some dancing exercises at home. In this article, we will round up the most heart-pounding and calorie-torching exercises that will make you slim down this summer without feeling that you are working out!


The Zumba Dance was brought to life in the 1990s by the Columbian dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez and became one of the top admired dances throughout the world. Even novice dancers will appreciate this dance because they will be sweating away at their dance party! You will find many informative YouTube videos that teach Zumba. Or you can visit the official Zumba website and take online classes with the world’s top Zumba dancers! You will find a myriad of heart-pumping exercises that you can learn easily to promote your cardiovascular health as such movements challenge the heart rate and propel it to rejuvenate its cells.

MadFit Dance Party Workouts

Time-crunched people have enormously lauded the Madfit workouts or the YouTube dances performed by Maddie Lymburner, a 25-year-old Canadian dancer. Lymburner has created a YouTube channel to help people work up a rapid sweat. The channel is full of catalogue dances to the latest songs, which makes dancing a joyful activity to master. The dances don’t need any equipment to be performed. You just need to play any of your favourite songs and start dancing while singing at the top of your voice! The benefits of grooving to the sound of songs are endless. As research indicates, dancing on songs does a great job when it comes to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Joyn Dance Workouts

Joyn has launched her YouTube channel and boasted her #joyfulmovement hashtag aiming at creating a united, all-encompassing community for diverse runners. Joyn’s dances suit almost all people and don’t abide by rules. So, if you carry extra pounds of weight or if you need seated workouts, Joyn will provide you with everything you need.  The Joyn community is replete with many promising dancers that will encourage you to live your life fully and not to lose hope. Joyn has proved that dancing isn’t for youths or Gen z only as it is a universal activity that shouldn’t stop with age. 

Pole Dancing

Do you know that there several home workouts for pole dancing with and without a pole? Several YouTube channels are dedicated to tutoring pole dancing, such as Pole Freaks, Pole Fitness Dancing, Online Pole Dance Lessons, and Pole Dance by Aneete Blaua, let alone the online paid courses by international savvy dancers. Pole dancing is an effective treatment for obesity. So, when you go on a diet, consider performing some pole exercises and dances to help burn your weight and spare you the effort of going on a crash diet. Moreover, pole dancing makes muscles versatile and sturdy, which keeps neuromuscular disorders at bay.

TikTok Dances

Do you still think that you can’t dance? Well, there is nothing easier than opening your TikTok and checking some of today’s omnipresent dance challenges. Most TikTok dances can be simply performed by non-dancers, for TikTok dances more or less are composed of some short and tight moves that anyone can mimic. 

The application has sparked many trending dances that people have never stopped performing all over the globe. To name a few, no one can forget the addictive ‘WAP’ challenge that has reaped over 2.7 million views or the ‘Say So’ by Doja Cat, among others.