10 Lazy Ways to Burn More Calories

Imagine a world where you could burn calories without having to suffer and exhaust yourself to a point where it’s not even worth it. We know the saying goes, if you really want to lose weight, you’re going to have to do some hard work. Luckily, we’re here to turn that saying on its head and tell you – no, hard work isn’t the only way to lose weight. In fact, there are a host of other sneaky, lazy ways to lose weight. Ways where if you just put in a tiny bit of effort, you can get some major results and faster than you think! Here are 10 ways to burn more calories – simpler, faster and LAZIER!



  1. Drink Coffee

Yup, coffee is great for you! It can help you to lose weight! Consuming caffeine will boost the amount of calories that your body burns for up to 3 hours. That makes coffee a great way to lose weight and burn calories – without having to really do anything! If you don’t like coffee, you can try drinking tea. But stay away from sugary energy drinks that have more calories in them than you’ll be burning.


  1. Use a Balance Ball

Be honest – when you’re in a chair, you’re slouching as much as you can, right? We know that sometimes we give in to the urge to just slouch down and relax in a chair. However, if you want to burn calories while you’re sitting down, try a stability ball instead. They help exercise your core muscles while you would normally be sitting like a vegetable. Stability balls can help you burn up to 250 calories extra than you would have burned otherwise.


  1. Cut the Carbs

If you really want to lose weight, a great way to do it is to stop eating so many carbs! But for a lot of people, cutting out carbs and bread entirely is one step too far – they like them too much. So what’s the solution? Well, cut carbs – 3 or 4 out of 7 days of the week! If you can do that, you’ll cut your calories consumed by a ton and you’ll lose lots of weight.


  1. Chew Gum

That’s right, chew gum. That’s it. Just chew gum. We told you these were going to be easy ways to lose weight! It’s said that chewing gum can help curb people’s cravings and instincts to snack, which can cut calories by up to 10%. Makes sense, right? No one wants to snack with gum in their mouths. That’s just gross.


  1. Turn down the Temp

This one is surprising, but true – lower temperatures mean your body burning more calories. This is because when the temperature is lower, your body has to burn more calories to keep itself warm. The ideal temperature for burning calories is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Get to it!


  1. Add in Rest Days

This falls less under lazy and more under smart – but if you’re strength training, you’re going to want to build rest days into your routine in order to get the greatest gains. That means adding an extra rest day into your routine, even if you don’t think you need one. If you do that, you’ll grow more muscle and that will help your body naturally burn more calories.


  1. Turn down the Stress

Stress is majorly bad for your body. Aside from doing damage over time if it’s chronic, stress can actually inhibit the number of calories you burn and cause your body to store more weight. So, if you cut the stress out of your life, you’ll wind up much happier and much lighter! Non-stressed women burn around 100 more calories than stressed out women on average.


  1. Turn down the Second Drink

The truth is, if you drink two beers, you’ll cut your body’s ability to burn fat by up to 70%. That’s not what you want when you’re slimming down. So, skip the second beer once in a while!


  1. Keep Moving

This is a corollary to the stability ball – don’t just sit like a slug all day! Move around, stay active, tap your feet, fidget, whatever you need to do to keep moving! If you can do that, you can burn hundreds more calories every day than someone who sits like a sea slug.


  1. Exercise (For Just 10 Minutes)

Okay, exercise had to be on this list – just because it’s the best way to burn calories and lose weight. But since we’re talking about the laziest ways to lose weight, then we’ll let you off the hook with just 10 minutes of exercise. That will help you burn calories much more intensely for a whole hour after you’re done!