Sarah Abul Ela

The Fierce Fashionista

In just a few years’ time, she managed to rise as the passionate trend-setter she’s widely known as. Sarah Abul Ela is not your typical internet famous gal with just a pretty face; her unique signature has helped her build her career as a stylist in the fashion industry, where she’s handpicked by many for her unparalleled character. Here’s Sarah on her road to fame and affluence.. 

By: Mayar El-Shamy

How do you think your audience views you?
I guess that by now, my audience sees how I truly am. I make sure I engage with them consistently, from going live on Instagram, to always communicating with them through comments and direct messages in order to unravel the real me. At the end of the day, no matter how hard I try to convey my personality through posting on Instagram, it will never feel like they personally know me. This is why I feel it’s important to get in touch with them. I think they may view me as approachable, down to earth and friendly –these are the comments that I always get. It means a lot to me that they actually see this side of me, because it does describe me. I answer any stranger’s questions, I smile at them and I love helping everyone! I think I have successfully delivered the right picture to my audience.

Tell us how social media first interested you.
 started blogging, I have always been active on Facebook, always voicing my opinion on various matters. I always document my outfits and talk about fashion, politics, economy –everything, which is how it all started. I was approached by Islam Ahmed, the owner of ‘Vichi’; he told me he believes I have a great style and that I am very candid, with a strong character that could shape a promising blog. He even asked me to join them in ‘Vichi’! It also helped that I had so many connections in the fashion industry. I am always getting invited to fashion events.

You’re blossoming in the fashion field. Is this what you always wanted to do?
and art are in my blood; they have always been my passion. When I was younger, I worked in fashion and retail, and that did not stop me from dancing and painting. I have always had a strong fervour for any artistic activity. I have done volunteering in the UN, I have worked in marketing and banking, but at the end of the day, I made fashion my full time job because I know this is what I was born to do.

How do you manage the time to run your platforms?
It’s insane how I sometimes manage to post on my social media platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat, while actually making sure that I’m enjoying my time and just living life like a normal person. It’s difficult, but doable; I give a lot of attention to my platforms and specifically my Instagram. I consider it my presentation and business card to the world. I don’t just post any picture that comes to mind; I always a have a theme; a strategy that I follow so I can reach the result I want for my growth. I study social media management frequently, so I am able to create catchy, interesting, classy, and most of all, professional content inspired by bloggers or influencers from abroad.

Do you communicate with your followers?
I definitely make sure that I communicate with my followers on a regular basis.
I usually answer all their questions and direct messages no matter how weird those questions might be! I always reply to their comments even if they’re sometimes negative. I make sure I do live chat with them whenever I have the time to; I believe that I owe it to those who are accountable for my growth and success. They simply love you unconditionally without even meeting you in person and they tell you the sweetest words of support and encouragement. That’s why I decided to plan a brunch for my most active followers last year, through a contest called ‘Meet the Followers’; I picked few of them and actually had a great time! We had coffee and brunch before taking pictures and talking to them about their dreams. The amount of love I get from young people is priceless, which is why I always do my best to be in touch with them.

What are your proudest achievements?
I am truly blessed to have worked with international brands. I was able to work with big names here in Egypt, including renowned PR agencies. I’m always on their lists and I think I’m so very blessed to have managed to build many good connections with so many people in various industries. The fact that I was able to set an identity and a character for myself that I have become known for is something I’m truly proud of. You you could bring up my name to any client, and they will recognize exactly who I am, what I do, what my identity is, and what kind of work I can provide; this is what I consider my biggest achievement. Clients request me by name and everyone knows what I do; I now have my own unique identity, and it will remain my biggest achievement.

Is your life different now that you’ve gained this fame?
The difference is that I am now much more responsible for the content I provide. I make sure that I always offer something real and inspiring. I have realized that I am followed by so many youngsters who look up to me. When I meet them, they tell me I am their inspiration because they saw me build my career until I got this far. So, I guess the biggest difference in my life after being sort of famous on social media is that I feel more accountable for everything I do, and that I am blessed to have such a platform to express myself and help the youth find their passion, or maybe just put a smile on their face. I also believe that social media fame gives you more opportunities to explore different things and to have the ability to be approached by many new people and make interesting friendships.

Do you think your influence on your followers is significant?
I can personally tell that that my followers are influenced by me in a way or another. They send me their pictures to ask me if I like what they’re wearing or ask me for skin-care advice and tips on becoming a stylist. These questions make me so happy because I can see they care about my opinion including on personal topics; my relationship with them has become considerably intimate, so I am so thankful that my impact on them is real and consequential, or at least I hope it is!