Somabay Tees Up for 22nd Annual Open Golf Tournament and ‘Golf & Gourmet’ Extravaganza

Somabay is primed to host two extraordinary events that underscore the resort’s unswerving commitment to excellence. As the 22nd Annual Somabay Open Golf Tournament draws near, scheduled from October 5th to October 7th, the resort is equally thrilled to reveal the illustrious “Golf & Gourmet” gathering, destined to grace its grounds from November 7th to November 20th, 2023. These occasions epitomize Somabay’s devotion to crafting extraordinary experiences that seamlessly intertwine sports, leisure, culture, and culinary artistry.

The Somabay Open Golf Tournament has become a highlight in the golfing calendar, drawing avid golfers and enthusiasts from across the globe. As a testament to its commitment to inclusivity and hospitality, the tournament welcomes participants from both local and international communities, fostering a dynamic and diverse atmosphere for players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

The official lodging partner for this tournament, The Cascades Hotel, ensures that participants savor not only exceptional golf but also a lavish and comfortable stay that heightens their entire Somabay experience. The Cascades Hotel has earned acclaim for its remarkable hospitality, serving as a cornerstone of the seamless and unforgettable sojourn awaiting golfers and guests.