The page-turning magic of #BookTok: TikTok’s thriving community celebrates Book Lovers Day

For Book Lover’s Day which falls on August 9, TikTok’s #BookTok hashtag offers a unique opportunity for creators and book enthusiasts to come together, celebrate reading and literature, and continue the global book-based entertainment revolution.

BookTok, the digital platform’s beloved hashtag that has amassed more than 160 billion global all-time views and 1.5 billion views in the MENA region in the past six months, has captured the hearts of passionate readers and authors worldwide. This thriving online community serves as a hub for book lovers to share their love for book reviews, writing tips, plot reenactments of popular novels and connect over captivating literary discussions. Enjoying resounding success on the platform, the #BookTok community proudly claims the title of “the biggest book club on the planet”, breathing new life into the global reading culture and in the process, opening up exciting opportunities for the publishing industry.

What began as a hashtag has now evolved into a movement, making #BookTok one of TikTok’s most popular communities. This captivating trend has not only transformed digital creators but also boosted book sales in physical stores for some of the top trending books seen on TikTok.
To commemorate Book Lover’s Day, users in the MENA region can take part in the exciting #BookTok challenge. From August 9th, the challenge invites book lovers to create themed content, such as heartfelt book reviews, engaging holiday reading lists, and thrilling book recommendations. By posting videos with the #BookTok hashtag, creators stand a chance to receive special rewards, making this event a celebration of the global #BookTok community.
“The #BookTok community serves as a vibrant hub for literary enthusiasts,” says Kinda Ibrahim, Regional General Manager of Operations and Marketing, TikTok. “We’re thrilled to witness the immense impact of #BookTok in reigniting the love for reading and supporting the creative industries worldwide. Through TikTok’s powerful platform, we aim to continue innovating and nurturing a global community of book lovers.”
TikTok has also partnered with local and regional events such as the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and Al-Sharqiya Book Fair in Saudi Arabia, in 2022, aiming to empower authors and fuel the #BookTok creator economy, and creating fresh opportunities for the literary world. In addition, TikTok supported Booktok content creators by inviting them to attend Alexandria book fair and meet up with the major publishers participating in the fair.
The magic of #BookTok lies in its ability to elevate the concept of a digital book club to the next level. Within this community, readers encounter authentic and inspiring book reviews, enchanting literary recommendations, and engaging conversations across various genres. From the enchanting world of young adult fiction to the captivating realms of fantasy and romance, #BookTok caters to every book lover’s soul.
Deeper within the #BookTok universe, users immerse themselves in a diverse array of content topics, such as heartfelt book reviews, book vs movie comparisons, reading vlogs, book swapping, book and music pairings, favorite book-reading spots, creating outfits based on the fashion of book characters, and much more. Authors have quickly seized these dynamic takes on their books on TikTok to establish followings, promote their works, and connect with a dedicated global audience.
Top #BookTok creators in the MENA region bring their own unique and quirky ways of showcasing their favourite reads and the reading culture, particularly focused on Gen Z-preferences and reading habits.
Bookaffe (@bookaffe), an Egyptian content creator with eclectic tastes, offers insightful book reviews across various genres with infectious energy. His unique format features segments like “Three things every reader should know about [book title]” and themed recommendations such as “5 books about mental health”.
Toqa Hossam (@toqahossam07) from Egypt engages her audience with Q&A sessions and book recommendations, creating a warm and interactive space for book lovers to connect. She also takes her followers along to literary events and book fairs.
Israa (@Read_with_israa), who is based in Lebanon, stays current with popular trends and sounds while delivering book recommendations and reviews. Her content often includes lists like “3 must-read books” and “5 books I read to escape reality”.
Saudi Arabia-based creator Sarah (@readingbysarah) shares her monthly reads, book hauls, and TBR (To Be Read) lists. Her expert tips on escaping reading slumps and her bookstore visits are both informative and entertaining.
Omani creator Azhar Al Kindi’s (@azhar.reads) “book talks” and “bookish” advice include tips on how not to interrupt the reading process, annotating books, keeping reading journals, how to become an avid reader and more.
Yara, the face behind @abookinmyhand, also in Saudi Arabia, shares her book purchases, quotes from her favorite books, and even books that she dislikes, with a steady dose of humour. Her witty takes add a playful twist to the #BookTok experience.
With this new global challenge, we’re excited to help our global #BookTok community take content creation to the next level throughout the month of August! Join us by tagging #BookTok in your videos for a chance to receive special prizes, and follow along at #BookTok to keep up with the latest trends, recommendations, reviews and more from our passionate community.