Garnier Announces Exciting New Brand Partnership with Mayan El Sayed

Garnier is thrilled to announce the appointment of a new spokesperson and a brand partnership with the incredibly talented Mayan El Sayed. Mayan’s achievements and commitment to natural beauty make her the perfect fit to inspire the younger generation in the MENA region and connect with Gen Z profiles through her influential online presence.

Mayan El Sayed has quickly risen to stardom, captivating audiences with her exceptional talent and earning a place among the most sought-after young actresses. As an advocate for natural beauty and sustainability, Mayan’s values align perfectly with Garnier’s brand DNA and commitments.

Garnier is a leading beauty brand dedicated to Green Beauty and Sustainability. With a wide range of skincare and haircare products, Garnier is committed to producing more natural formulas, using sustainable and fair-trade ingredients, and revolutionizing the beauty industry for a better future.

Garnier takes its commitment to the environment seriously, and the brand is proud to share the following achievements:

  • Factories: Garnier produces its products in factories that use 100% renewable energy, and actively working towards a more sustainable manufacturing process.
  • Recycled and Recyclable Plastic: Garnier is dedicated to reducing plastic waste by using recycled and recyclable plastic packaging for its products. This initiative aims to promote a circular economy and minimize environmental impact.
  • Vegan Formulas: As part of Garnier’s mission to embrace Green Beauty, all its formulas are vegan, ensuring that no animal-derived ingredients are used.
  • Bio-Based Formulas: Garnier is committed to increasing the use of bio-based ingredients in its products. By 2023, 95% of Garnier’s formulas will be bio-based, contributing to a more sustainable approach to beauty.
  • Cruelty-Free: Garnier products are endorsed by Cruelty Free International, guaranteeing that no animal testing is conducted during any stage of product development.
  • Solidarity Sourcing: Garnier empowers over 1000 communities worldwide through solidarity sourcing, promoting fair-trade practices and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

Ahmed Wagih, General Manager Consumer Product Division Middle East, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to have Mayan El Sayed as part of the Garnier family. Her influence and dedication to natural beauty make her an exciting and inspiring figure to promote our brand in the region. With Mayan’s support, we aim to empower the younger generation to embrace their natural beauty and drive positive change in the industry.”

Mayan El Sayed also shared her excitement about the partnership, saying, “I am honored to join forces with Garnier as their brand partner. Garnier’s commitment to Green Beauty and Sustainability aligns perfectly with my personal values, and I am excited to inspire and connect with young people across the MENA region. Together, we can create a positive impact and empower the younger generation to embrace their natural beauty.”

Garnier and Mayan El Sayed are set to embark on an exciting journey together, combining their passion for natural beauty, sustainability, and inspiring positive change. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Garnier and Mayan El Sayed, and they look forward to making a lasting impact in the beauty industry.