Creating Exceptional Experiences for Every Household: GROHE Sets New Trends for Customer Convenience with Pro-Bath’s Innovative Products and Services

GROHE, the world-renowned leader in sanitary fittings, continues to build on the success of its summer ‘Pro-Bath’ campaign, providing households with innovative products and seamless services. The campaign witnessed the launch of GROHE renovation vans, a mobile service that provides customers with consultation, checkup, maintenance, and sales offerings right at their doorstep, enhancing the customer journey and showcasing the brand’s new, innovative products that continue to push the boundaries of bathroom and kitchen designs. In addition to the renovation vans, GROHE introduced promotional deals for the campaign, all of which are due to run until August 15, 2022.  

In alignment with GROHE’s commitment to continue providing new experiences, the brand enhanced its customer journey by offering the public free inspection and consultations services, in addition to a chance for the public to win a cashback of up to EGP 50,000 on selected bath products.

Commenting on the status of the campaign, Nizar Abdel Kader, Leader Egypt Libya & Sudan, LIXIL EMENA, stated, “At GROHE, innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. By providing purpose-driven products with real added value to the consumer, we continue contributing to making better homes a reality for everyone everywhere. We are committed to creating products and services that prioritize the quality of life of our customers.”

Inspired by premium spas and wellness sanctuaries, GROHE designed and created the latest Allure collection with health and wellbeing at the forefront. The versatile range of products combine state-of-the-art water technologies and offer a unique tactile experience, enabling customers to create a perfectly harmonious bathroom experience according to their personal taste.

“The campaign reflects our dedication to creating exceptional experiences and delivering the ‘Pure Joy of Water’ – a natural resource that is at the core of our lifestyles. Naturally, the campaign highlights the ‘Part of Your Life’ concept, showcasing our role in providing innovative and sustainable products and solutions, further facilitating the community’s everyday use of water,” added Nizar Abdel Kader.

As a brand that also prioritizes innovation and design, GROHE introduced the Eurosmart and the Essence lines, both offering an outstanding combination of minimalistic design and consumer-centricity. The Eurosmart line benefits from GROHE SilkMove® – a specialized superior cartridge technology that focuses on delivering lifelong handling. The line also boasts six different faucet models for the washbasin. Each model guarantees the highest GROHE quality and optimum ease of use. Meanwhile, the Essence product line, better known as the ‘Oasis of Wellbeing’, includes the best GROHE technologies designed in a minimalistic manner.

As a leader in the sanitary sector, GROHE’s ongoing dedication to providing consumers with novel experiences is a testament to the company’s efforts to become innovators and to establish significant benchmarks for future living concepts.

GROHE’s products can be experienced at the new office and life center, which provides a demonstration of each product function. For more information on the campaign and its products, check GROHE’s website.