Layal Abboud

Meet the Chart-Topping Pop Singer

We got a chance to interview the gifted singer Layal Abboud about her career, talent, and future plans. She is, by all means, a multifaceted talent, for this Lebanese pop singer is also a folk music entertainer, sound-lyric poet, concert dancer, and fit model. Layal showed up for the first time in Studio El-Fan series as a South Lebanese competitor from 2001 to 2002. Consequently, her musical career thrived upon the release of her first album ‘Fi Shouq’.

What inspired you to become a singer and change career?

 Singing makes me feel good. I wanted to become a singer for so many reasons. First of all, I had a good vocal; when I sang my class mates and family used to tell me that I had a beautiful voice. Since I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming a famous singer.

You used to be an officer at Beirut airport How was your experience in that field and what did you learn from it? 

I learned how to respect time and be strong, especially as my role as a woman brought me confidence despite the circumstances that we live in.

Since you also studied music, what instruments doyou play?

I studied solfeggio and vocalizations. I voice train twice a week and play the guitar. The Lute is also very close to me.

As a businesswoman owning a production company and a wedding planning company, which is more successful and why?

 For the meantime, during these COVID period nothing is profitable. Beforehand, both companies were equally profitable. Once we overcome the COVID pandemic we will surely see a big change in the entertainment industry and hopefully my companies will be part of that booming change.

You are a mother of a young 16-year-old teenager, Gad. Tell us the pros and cons of being a young mother?

 It is not easy to be a mother to a teenager these days. We are very close friends at the same time, and we have so many things in common: We both love music, shopping, and exercise. I’m very blessed to have him as part of my life.

What’s your favourite Mother’s Day gift that Gad every got you? 

When he was around 7 years old, he came home with a portrait that he drew by himself, on top of which he wrote: “love your money loulou.’ I still have it. It’s a precious souvenir.

Do you ever think of acting? Why haven’t you? 

 I thought about acting. Sooner, my fans will see me on tv in a miniseries considering the COVID circumstances. It has not been easy. I love to play the simple cute role that fits my humorous character.

What jump started your career?

My big ambition and my love for music did.

How do you manage your day between being a mum, a singer, and an entrepreneur? 

It’s not easy. It’s a big fight, and I to be strong to overcome the ups and down as I say tomorrow is another day.

How is life in Beirut during the pandemic and how do you stay safe?

 It has not been easy for Beirut and me during these times, especially if we talk about the port explosion My beloved city lost it strength and stability, but the people here are strong since they believe that we will all overcome these hard times.

Do you ever think of living somewhere else and why?

 I will be the last person to think about relocating. Lebanon is my oxygen that I can’t live without. 

Who is your idol in business and in music? 

Of course, the big icon Sabah who’s very dear to my heart. She has been my idol since I was a child, and the school of the Rahabane had taught so many of us the beauty of music.

Why don’t you write lyrics to your songs since you know how to write poetry? 

I did write so many poems, but I feel that I should leave this to the experts. Everyone has a special gift, and mine is my voice and my feelings while I am on stage.

As a sportswoman, what’s your daily sports routine?

 I love jogging, swimming, and horse riding. Plus, I believe exercising is not just good for the body but for the soul as well.

What about your future plans?

 Life is so full of surprises. I do have lots of plans and will not give up on making my dreams come true. And, as the saying goes, “if you want, you can plan.

A word of advice for your fans and young singers these days.

I will always promise to provide my loyal fans with lots of love, new music, change, and modesty.


Who did you block recently on FB and why?

I blocked all people who wrote bad comments. I do not erase them.

Do you have Tik Tok?

I do have Tik Tok, yet I did not get the chance to use it fully. It is still on my to-do list.

Three items in your handbag always? 

A lipstick, nice bottle of perfume, and my cell phone.

Last thing you googled?

 It was about one of Tyler Perry’s movies that I love watching.

Do you cook? What’s your favourite homemade dish?

 I’m a great cook. My best friends are always happy to receive the dishes I make on my wonderful dining room tables. I can’t really talk about a specific dish, for there are so many of them.

Handsome men or smart men?

 As a woman, I’m looking for nothing more than a confident character. I can’t think of any other trait that attracts women other than beauty or intellect.

Sushi Vs Stuffed Vegetables (Mahshi)

To be honest, I love both. I’m a big foodie.

Nightspots Vs movie nighta? 

Movie nights are the winner. I fanatically love to go to the movies with my son Gad. I also enjoy theaters.

Girly Vs Tomboy?

 Girly girl for sure. My look says it all.

Apple Vs Android? 

I always had apple, so I guess we tend to go toward the thing that we use daily.

Natural look Vs makeup? 

Natural as I prefer it has become the trend nowadays.

I love to play the simple cute role that fits my humorous character.