Beauty Hacks Using Ingredients from Your Kitchen

Instead of looking at the beauty aisle for your next scrub or face mask, you can easily whip one up at home that’s just as effective. Your kitchen cupboards hold the secret to looking and feeling gorgeous! You can combine ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, yoghurt and even sugar to create natural, effective and cheap DIY products. Try these amazing food-based beauty hacks yourself!

Honey Facial

The skin benefits of raw honey are pretty endless. Not only does it contain powerful healing enzymes, perfect for tackling blemishes and discolouration but it’s full of antioxidants too. Whether you want to zap away those pesky pimples or kick back with a full on facial, this multi-purpose ingredient is as sweet as they come. Pour half a cup of honey into a mixing bowl and apply all over the face and neck using your fingertips. To make the honey easier to work into the skin, splash your face with water and pat dry. Leave the mixture on for 15-20 minutes or overnight for best results.

Brown Sugar and Oatmeal Scrub

Thanks to its gorgeously grainy texture, oatmeal is a brilliant natural scrub and exfoliant. For perfectly smooth skin, combine two cups of brown sugar, half a cup of oats with two tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup of grapeseed oil. Mix it all together and add a bit of your favourite oil for a personal touch. Use over your body to scuff away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling extra soft.

Avocado Hair Paste

This is no ordinary hair mask, it’s a vegan friendly way to touchable tresses. No eggs, no milk! Just pure avocado love and some lemons. You’ll need one avocado, a teaspoon of sea salt, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of aloe gel. Mash your avocado in a bowl and add in the rest of your ingredients. Apply to damp hair for 30 minutes for a replenishing treatment.

Turmeric treatment

Do you want to know how to spice up your complexion? Turmeric will do the trick. This potent spice is great for fading skin discolouration and post-acne scarring. Simply mix it with a few drops of lime juice and leave on the skin for 20 minutes.

Sea Salt Scrub

You’ve probably heard about the mythical power of sea salt—salt from the Dead Sea is said to cure all kinds of ailments, from rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis to acne and poor circulation. Whether or not those claims hold true, sea salt does deliver a more basic benefit: it’s a fantastic natural exfoliant. Simply combine 1 cup coarse sea salt, 1/2 cup oil, and 5 drops essential oil and stir. Use in the shower after cleansing skin and simply rinse.

Lemon Deodorant

Whether or not natural deodorant is your thing, it can be nice to take a break from aluminium-based, often chemical-ridden antiperspirants once in a while. This deodorant is incredibly easy to acquire and apply—and it’s chemical-free! All you need is a lemon. Just cut a lemon in quarters and rub a slice onto your armpits. If you prefer a spray application, you can also squeeze lemon juice into a spray bottle. Just make sure to wait before applying to freshly shaved pits.

Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover

Coconut oil! What can’t it do? This sweetly scented oil is good for so much more than cooking. It’s incredibly hydrating for dry skin and hair. It’s also a great makeup remover that’s less harsh than those you might find in your drugstore. Just saturate a cotton ball with natural coconut oil, apply to your eyes and watch even the most waterproof of mascaras melt away.

Coffee Face Mask

No morning is complete without a strong cup of coffee! But did you know that coffee is also great for waking up your skin? Using a coffee face mask in the morning will rejuvenate and keep your skin glowing all day long, soothe inflammation and reduce redness. Mix coffee grounds with cocoa powder in a bowl. Add in milk and stir until a paste is created. Toss in some lemon juice and honey. Mix it up and apply to your face. Let it dry up to 20 minutes and rinse.