Keep their Paws Warm

Don’t think that your dog has a thick, heavy fur so he won’t feel cold, that’s totally wrong, they still feel chilly in the winter. No matter how thick their fur is, their skin can get frozen and their body temperature also might get low as much as humans. However, protecting them is easier than you think. What we do for ourselves to keep the warmth within our bodies can work for your little buddies as well.

Don’t Let Them Spend Much Time Outside
Not even the toughest breeds, they all get affected by the cold weather. Those who have a thick layer of fur, it doesn’t protect all their body parts, there are parts left unprotected, like their ears, they are exposed, and their paws, they are in direct contact with the freezing cement.

Get Them Warm Clothes
Small dogs and those with short hair need more help in the chilling weather. Old dogs or puppies might face difficulties in controlling their body temperature. So get them a sweater or a coat, it will make them feel warmer and more comfortable. If it’s so cold that you think you should cover their head, you probably shouldn’t go outdoors. To keep your pal in good health, bump up the protein and fat in his diet.

Always Clean their Paws
Mud, snow, salt, and toxic chemicals like antifreeze and deicers can be hooked in your dog’s paws, and if he licked them he could swallow these poisoned materials. Antifreeze, in particular, tastes sweet but can be deadly. Every time he returns from a walk make sure to wipe his paws with a towel, and make sure his pads are not injured, snow and freezing cement can cause serious and painful cracks. You should also trim the hair between his toes to prevent ice buildup.

You Can’t Leave Your Dogs Alone in Vehicles
Whether it’s cold or hot, you shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a car, it’s really a bad idea. People often don’t consider how a car can cool down in winter, it is a direct health risk for any pet.

Inside Can Be Dangerous as Much as Outside
Keep an eye on your dogs inside, it could be dangerous for them as well. For instance, heaters can burn them, or they even can tip them over and start a fire. Heated pet mats can burn their skin as well, so a bed or blanket should be good enough to keep them warm.