Karim Petsadsis

“I always save room  for some Basboosa”

Karim Ahmed is an Engineering student, a lover of food, a basboosa addict, and a gymaholic. His food blog is where he shares everything from sweet and indulgent treats to simple, calorie friendly meals. He started his blog 4 years ago, stemming from a passion for photography and writing about food. Whether he’s eating or cooking, he like’s to keep things simple without sacrificing great taste.  Follow Karim on


Favourite Iftar and Sohour Destinations…

I don’t really eat out in Ramadan but when I do it’s either sushi at Fuego Sushi or the daily buffet at Fairmont Nile Towers and Enab Beirut.

Favourite Iftar and Sohour dishes…

The appetizers always win my heart, I die for those Lebanese Kibbeh and Samosas (samboosek) and for and Iftar main dish I love garlic butter shrimps. For Sohour I like to keep it simple with egg white omelets and cottage cheese with cucumber, olive oil and basil.

Favourite Ramadanic drink…

This definitely has to be Tamarind (Tamr Hindi).

Your most unforgettable memory during the Holy month…

Playing football with my friends right before El Fajr prayers and how the whole family gathers together every day for Iftar.

Biggest kitchen failure…

Baking, baking and baking… I always try to make those low carb recipes for cakes and pancakes and I fail miserably.

Favourite Ramadanic dessert…

Not only for Ramadan but my all time favourite dessert is Basboosa.

Do you cook in Ramadan?

Almost daily, I’m always watching my weight in Ramadan so I have to cook for myself to make sure I’m on the right track.

Tip for surviving fasting…

I never have problems with hunger so my tips will be for thirst. Always have a good amount of cucumber or watermelon before going to bed to stay hydrated throughout the day and avoid any heavy meals at night and easy on the salt and spices.

Favourite recipe…

This one is very easy, it’s for my Asian salad. Cut any vegetables you like, thinly and put them in a bowel. The secret is in the sauce:

1tsp salt

1tsp black pepper

2 tsp light soy sauce

½ tsp dark soy sauce

2 tsp roasted sesame

2tsp sugar