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  • To pretend that you’re super tired during your pregnancy, so you can take days off work with a good excuse! Also, this time you get spoilt for a whole nine months!
  • To snap at everyone when you’re pregnant and blame it on hormones! After all, it’s a great excuse and you’ve been waiting for the right chance to vent and let it all out of your system!
  • To choose your career over having kids, so you can focus on work instead of which preschool is best or where to take them for swimming classes!
  • To be too tired to tidy, so you shove everything in the closet and the dishes in the dishwasher and consider the house clean! Then, finally enjoying that glass of wine or your latest game or watch last night’s soap that you missed cause slept through it from sheer exhaustion!
  • To buy tons of maternity clothes, even when you already have enough from the previous pregnancy because you like to be stylish… and maternity fashion changes too – da!
  • To not be able to function properly without your morning coffee and a bar of chocolate. Mother’s job is a hard job!
  • To be a mommy of two cute puppies and call them the kids and take them out every Sunday to the kids’ park and play with them. They need a day out too!
  • To promise your finance that you are going to share every decision you take with him regarding the wedding and forget to ask him who his best man is!
  • To force all the bridesmaids, your finance, and his friends to take dancing lessons because you don’t want anyone tripping on the dance floor and ruining the day!
  • To not be the superwoman of the century balancing your time between kids, a husband, nagging in-laws and a career! You’re only human after all! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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