Hey It’s OK

  • To still be wearing peachy-coloured makeup in fall while everyone else is opting for mauve and warm shades, just because peachy tones suit you!
  • To join the hype and drink pumpkin spice latte every morning on your way to work. It’s pumpkin season after all!
  • To dislike the new Starbucks seasonal holiday drinks and stick to your black Americano! Change is not one of your strong points.
  • To end up eating McDonald’s at work for thanksgiving because you got stuck at a useless meeting and couldn’t make it on time for the family dinner! Huh
  • To shove your summer clothes at the back of your closet, bring out the jackets and call this a fall revamp! Have you seen the prices at Zara and Bershka lately?
  • To stay home through the weekend with a blanket around you, a book in your hands and the heater on full blast. You’ve got the perfect excuse… ‘it’s too cold to go out’!
  • To really enjoy crying at the movies. As in sobbing! It’s the best time of year to be gloomy!
  • To decide to wear Uggs to work. It’s all about being comfy and keeping those little toes warm and pink.
  • To pretend you got an important call from your boss at thanksgiving dinner to escape being interrogated (about marriage plans of course) by every family member siting at that table!
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