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  • To not be able to draw an even eyeliner wing and decide that this is a new trend and it should catch on!
  • To wish for Halloween to be celebrated properly in Egypt, so you can dress up in that sexy nurse outfit and hit as many parties as you like!
  • To only look forward for fall for that special menu from Starbucks and the spices aroma to start hitting the air!
  • To forget all the hard work that you did during to summer to maintain that sexy body and start drinking pumpkin spice lattes with a delicious pumpkin pie or honey cake for desert. It’s fall after all which means comfy baggy clothes anyway!
  • To unleash you creative doodling abilities and do a mess of face painting on all your friends’ kids on Halloween night!
  • To spend your entire salary in the first two days buying every trend for this fall, so you can be the first to have them and show it off on your next hangout!
  • To finally have an excuse to stay at home because it’s a bit chilly and spend the night on your comfy coach watching FRIENDS! Yes again!
  • To wear last year’s fall trends proudly and pretend that they are still going strong this year too!
  • To unleash your party animal on Halloween night because it’s your best chance to act as weird as you like and not be called crazy!
  • To go costume hunting on Halloween morning and end up in Chandler’s pink bunny and to quote Monica “it was either a pink bunny or no bunny at all!”

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