Hey, It’s OK!

  • To be lazy and skip your workout when you’re back from vacation. Just chill and welcome the new season from the comfort of your couch!
  • To walk up the stairs of your two-story building and call it workout!
  • To love fruit, but still munch on chocolate, ice cream or cake with your five o’clock tea. Fruit is saved for your 3 to 5 healthy snacks per day.
  • To buy that chocolate molten cake that you saw on Instagram on your way home from the gym. You have done your exercise, it’s time for reward!
  • To be fast asleep till after 11am and tell everyone that you were busy doing your morning workout.
  • To feel like it’s torture when your gym plays the food network on screen while you’re on the treadmill and it’s cooking a delicious dessert!
  • To add fruit favour or syrup to your water and call it your special detox recipe! Who can argue, it’s hydrating ain’t it!
  • To consider window shopping as your daily workout. Technically, you are walking! It doesn’t have to be on a treadmill and boring to death for it to be exercise.
  • To join a new gym and vow to attend all the classes but end up going for the stretching classes only. Stretching is as good as hard core exercise… it’s been proven – somewhere!?
  • To promise your hot TRX instructor that you will show up to every class but of course you only join 10 minutes before the class ends!
  • To celebrate your 10-minute hard work by rewarding yourself with a whole hour lounging in the spa venting and name-calling the ruthless instructors!

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