Awesome Things to Do in Winter

You’ve got two ways you can play Winter. One is to sit around on the couch and lament the winter weather; the other is to stay active and get yourself in gear for the rest of the year. You don’t need much to accomplish the former, but here are several ideas to help you get started on the latter.

Write Thank You Cards for Christmas

You could call people if you prefer, but don’t forget to say thank you in whatever way you prefer. People have spent time and effort getting you things, after all.

Create a New Habit 

You see, January comes with a lot of expectation in the air about the year ahead. It can feel like a completely clean slate to many who love to set resolutions and promises that this year will be a better year in whatever way they want it to be. Whether you set resolutions every year or not, now is a great time to think of a new habit you’d like to get started. Using a habit tracker can really help you to stay on track because you can check off each day that you do and celebrate your progress. Having the intentions to work toward positive goals and actually planning for them are two completely different things. Exchange more talk for more doing this year by creating a list of goals that you’d like to achieve along with an outline of your plan to achieve them.

Clean Out Your Closet

You probably received more than a few new pieces of clothing over the holidays (either as gifts from someone you love or as presents to yourself, so to ensure that your closet doesn’t start spilling out from the seams, take stock of what you like and wear and then collect all the unwanted items to donate or sell.

Update Your Pet’s Health Info 

Check in on your pet’s health status by revisiting your files to make sure all vaccines and tags are up-to-date. If your pet hasn’t been to the vet in a while, schedule a routine check-up.

Declutter Your House

Whether you would consider yourself a hoarder or not, if you’re living in a house that is overflowing with clutter, it’s time to take your life back. Getting that first item into the toss or donate bag is difficult, but after you do that and get the freeing feeling that comes along with decluttering, you will be more determined and encouraged to keep on going. It’s important that you dedicate some time to decluttering, rather than just doing a little bit here and there. If at all possible, try to dedicate a few hours at a time to decluttering so you aren’t constantly stopping and starting. Since the hardest part is starting, if you stop you will lose all your momentum, then when you go to start up the next day you will have to start all over again.

Watch Productive YouTube Videos

YouTube can be an amazing portal for learning new things every day as it boasts countless geeky channels with carefully curated educational videos. The most recommended channels are CrashCourse, TED-Ed – Lessons Worth Sharing, vlogbrothers, Geek & Sundry, and Deep Sky Videos.

Train Your Brain

Brain fitness has basic principles: variety and curiosity. When anything you do becomes second nature, you need to make a change. If you can do the crossword puzzle in your sleep, it’s time for you to move on to a new challenge in order to get the best workout for your brain. Curiosity about the world around you, how it works and how you can understand it will keep your brain working fast and efficiently. Use the ideas below to help attain your quest for mental fitness.

-Write a journal: Writing your thoughts and ideas down is a great way to remember them and even relieve stress. 

-Do a sudoku puzzle: You might be wondering what this is doing under this topic. Sudoku puzzles can improve your thinking skills – a big help for anyone in any industry. 

-Try writing with the opposite hand: Changing up little details that your brain has gotten used to will improve the way you think. It increases brain stimulation and exercises parts of your brain you may not have even known existed. 

-Memorize details: Let’s be honest, there are lots of little details in our daily lives that we just forget. Taking the time to memorize something simple like a poem or clients’ emails and phone numbers will greatly help stimulate the part of your brain that helps you remember. 

-Calculate without a calculator: Math isn’t everyone’s strong suit, but it’s definitely something we use every day. Try to go over a small budget without using a calculator, but definitely check your work after.

Develop a Self-Care Plan

The following activities will help you stay fit and healthy with enough energy to get through your work and personal commitments:

-Develop a regular sleep routine. 

-Aim for a healthy diet.

-Take lunch breaks.

-Go for a walk at lunchtime. 

-Take your dog for a walk after work. 

-Use your sick leave. 

-Get some exercise before/after work regularly.

-Turn off your email and work phone outside of work hours. 

-Make time for relaxation. 

-Make time to engage with positive friends and family.

-Write three good things that you did each day. 

-Play a sport and have a coffee after training. 

-Go to the movies or do something else you enjoy. 

-Keep meeting with your parents’ group or other social group. 

-Talk to you friend about how you are coping with work and life demands.

-Prioritise close relationships in your life e.g. with partners, family and children. 

-Attend the special events of your family and friends. 

-Arrive to work and leave on time every day.

Get crafty 

Get crafty by picking up a paintbrush, pencil, sewing needle, or crochet hook and spend some time doing something you enjoy. Does it feel like you haven’t done something for yourself that you enjoy in a really long time? Go ahead and give yourself permission to do that thing now. Don’t feel bad for taking some you time. You’ve been busy, you deserve some you time.

Cook or Bake 

Go ahead and pick up your trusty old cookbook or find a new recipe online to bake or cook something new (or old). This is a great way to waste time in a productive way, and you’ll end up with a delicious treat to munch on when you’re finished. Even if you’ve never been much of a baker or cooker, try your hand at it and see if it’s something you enjoy. If you don’t end up enjoying it, you don’t have to do it again, but it doesn’t hurt to try.