Ambitious Rising Star

May ‘19

After mesmerizing his audience from his first on-screen appearance and reminding us all of the gone but never forgotten Kamal El Shenawy, meet rising handsome star Omar El Shenawy.

What are you planning to do in Ramadan when you are done shooting?

I will probably take a month off to sit on the beach and watch the sunset.

It will be your third time to play your role “Hossam” in “Kalabsh 3,” are there any similarities between this character and the real you?

Actually, it’s a lot like me. It is one of the most characters that made me feel as if I am not acting. Most of his reactions, the way he thinks, the way he talks, and his beliefs are very close to mine. Hossam is someone who I could look up to which makes me very attached to this character.

You will work with Amy Samir Ghanem in her new series this Ramadan, is it going to be a comedy role?

It is not a comedy role, but of course, it has a sense of humour in it because it’s a comedy after all, so everything is a bit comedic. Mainly, it’s a character that is placed in comedic situations, but he is not actually a funny person.

How did you work on yourself for your past roles?

I take acting classes and sometimes private lessons. With every new role, I like to change my acting coach. I believe acting is art so each one teaches you something and gives you a piece of information that you can actually use.

Who is your biggest inspiration as an actor?

In Egypt, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. In Hollywood, I would have to say Marlon Brando.

You are working in more than one project; how will you balance between shooting days?

I am working in four projects and I am also still working as an architect. So time management is very hard, but hopefully, I am coping well and I try to take one day off a week if I can.

Did being the grandson of a great star like Kamal El Shenawy affect you in anyway?

Being the grandson of a great star actually made me stay away from acting for a long time because my grandfather was always talking about acting as if it is an impossible thing to do. You have to be extremely talented and different, so you can do it. I felt that I am a very normal person until someone pushed me towards acting. I started to break my boundaries and act. But now, it has become a goal for me to be as good as he was, it is a challenge that I’m willing to take.

How do you evaluate yourself as an actor today?

An actor is a very big word, so I always say that I am just trying to be an actor. I hate watching myself on screen. It makes me think that I could have done better, so I don’t evaluate myself. I just leave it to people to tell me their opinions about what I do.

Did you find that your choice of roles changed after your role in “Kalabsh”?

It didn’t change. I always look for a role which intimidates me because I push my limits to do it. That’s why I started acting. I am a very shy person, so I chose to be an actor to break this barrier.

Did you expect the success of the television series “Carmen”?

The success of the show was actually a bit expected for me because the actors, the director, and the production company are all very good. I didn’t expect that I would succeed that much in my role because I never acted a comedy role before. My past roles were all dramatic and tragic, so working in a comic role was very unexpected.