The Premier League Is Back! Wow! - The Premiere League will recommence on 17 June.

After suspending sports tournaments because of the pandemic COVID-19, the gradual return of the football leagues cheered up soccer fans worldwide.

Bundesliga and LaLiga:

The first to resume its matches was the German League, this happened last May. The Spanish League will follow the Bundesliga on 11 June; LaLiga’s opening match is going to be a derby between Sevilla and Real Betis Balompié.

Premier League: 

More is yet to come and we will not be deprived of the pleasure of watching Mohamed Salah playing, as the Premier League will restart on 17 June. Mo Salah’s club, Liverpool, will play its first match on 21 June against Everton.

Mohamed Salah after Resuming Training (Photo Credit: Mo Salah’s Official Facebook Page)

In this regard and as the BBC reported, the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: “It is important to ensure as many people as possible can watch the matches at home,” adding that “until we have met all the safety requirements needed”.

Mo Salah in a Training Session (Photo Credit: Mo Salah’s Official Facebook Page)

For a month filled with entertainment, check the English League schedule for June:

17 June

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

Manchester City vs Arsenal

19 June 

Norwich vs Southampton

Tottenham vs Manchester United

20 June 

Watford vs Leicester City

Brighton vs Arsenal

West Ham vs Wolves

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

21 June 

Newcastle vs Sheffield United

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Everton vs Liverpool

22 June 

Manchester City vs Burnley

23 June 

Leicester City vs Brighton

Tottenham vs West Ham

24 June 

Norwich vs Everton

Wolves vs Bournemouth

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Manchester United vs Sheffield United

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

25 June 

Southampton vs Arsenal

Burnley vs Watford

Chelsea vs Manchester City

27 June 

Aston Villa vs Wolves

28 June

Watford vs Southampton

29 June

Crystal Palace vs Burnley

30 June

Brighton vs Manchester United

So which of these is your favourite team? 

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