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Emphasizing Their Customer Experience for More Than 35 Years: SNA and ANA Launch a New Warranty Program to Guarantee Mercedes-Benz Used Cars

Star National Automotive Company (SNA) and Alexandria National Automotive Company (ANA) announced the launch of “Star Back Warranty” program, which is designed to provide customers with an unparalleled opportunity of regaining a new warranty for used car models starting from year 2017 until 2023. This program will span a period of two years.

In fact, the launch of this program serves as a substantial part of SNA and ANA’s robust strategy that prioritizes its customer experience, and places it at the top of its objectives, given that the company is keen on often enhancing it, through providing the best programs and services with the latest technological solutions to meet their expectations and needs. In light of the global economic challenge, the company strives to protect its customers’ investments in their Mercedes-Benz cars.

When it comes to the applied conditions to benefit from the “Star Back Warranty” program, the most important of which is that the car should not exceed the age of 7 years, from the starting date of the original warranty. Additionally, the car’s mileage should not exceed 150,000 km, so the car owners can get a two-year warranty period like the manufacturer’s warranty.

In this context, Mr. Yasser Saleh, CEO of National Automotive Company, stated: “For more than 35 years, since the beginning of our establishment, we have been pursuing an ambitious strategy that ultimately focuses on providing everything new to our customers in the Egyptian market, and that is through offering world-class luxurious cars, coupled with periodic maintenance services of high quality. We also seek to maintain our leadership in providing advanced services, to improve and generate beneficial customer experience.”

Yasser added that National Automotive Company has granted an extended warranty of 5 years, since 2022, to any Mercedes-Benz car sold by the group “SNA & ANA”. It is a two-year manufacturing warranty and a three-year Extended Star Warranty to meet the needs of our customers and provide the support needed.

Yasser expressed his gratitude, stating: “We announce the launch of the Star Back Warranty program in the Egyptian market, continuing on supporting our new or existing customers while being impacted by the soaring prices of the spare parts, in addition to ensuring that our customers would enjoy driving Mercedes-Benz cars, while taking advantage of the best maintenance services that we offer. We also generally aim at encouraging new customers to fulfill their dreams of owning a used Mercedes-Benz car, with a two-year warranty.”

For his part, Eng. Fabio Ramos, After Sales Director at Star National Automotive and Alexandria National Automotive, confirmed: “We are always working and keen on pioneering the automotive sector, for that reason, we constantly dedicate special attention to introduce distinguished services, the latest technologies, devices, and advanced equipment that are present across our 7 service centers, located all over Egypt. We are also keen to meet our customers’ needs by offering best-in-class, specialized, and certified maintenance engineers, and technicians to ensure the highest levels of quality.