TikTok Drives Advocacy Around Climate Change

TikTok has emerged as a destination for conversations focused on the most urgent environment and sustainability issues, with an active and engaged community of creators committed to raising awareness, inspiring action, and restoring the planet.

TikTok is thrilled to see the creativity and impact being achieved by the community with creators and organizations taking their communities along with them to make a difference by sharing simple tips with the communities about the changes they can make in their every day lives to combat climate change.

TikTok is committed to transforming climate anxiety into empowerment, helping their community and the next generation be informed and engaged. By providing access to credible climate information, elevating voices of climate advocates, experts and organizations dedicated to raising climate awareness and literacy along with collaborating with communities and partners who share the same vision around the world, TikTok aims to inspire hopeful dialogue and real action for a more sustainable future.

Additionally, to support the region’s burgeoning creative economy and contribute to a global cause, the platform recently launched the inaugural TikTok Creator Hub, with this year’s theme as climate change. TikTok Creator Hub helps to support the community by encouraging users to join the climate conversation and take action that has a positive impact on the planet – thereby educating and inspiring users around environmental advocacies, in partnership with creators and organizations embracing shared interests and causes.

Join global eco-creators to take #ClimateAction as TikTok goes LIVE at COP27

TikTok is committed to continue learning about climate issues and sustainability, inspired by their global community. To further conversations around climate awareness coinciding with the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference, Tiktok introduced their #ClimateAction global campaign to encourage communities all over the world to join the climate conversation and take action that has a positive impact on our planet.

COP27 brings together world leaders, civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change all gather to commit and inspire urgent climate action. As one of the most crucial climate events in the world, TikTok is partnering with creators to take their inspiring climate content to the next level and ensure these important conversations are front and center.

Tune in as TikTok goes LIVE at 4pm EET in Arabic and 5pm EET in English on November 10th from COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh. Follow @tiktokforgood, TikTok’s global social impact hub, and stay tuned as TikTok creators @SarahaBulkhair and @CamelNews21 take global audiences to a roaming, interactive experience, with real-time updates and solutions for followers to get involved in climate action.

On TikTok LIVE, an industry experts roundtable will be showing us how to be more sustainable on November 13th at 7pm KSA, the Plant a Seed initiative will be spreading positivity from November 10th to 16th , and the magic of watching a plant grow accompanied by fun facts will be streaming on 17 November.

Taking the global campaign locally, TikTok MENA partnered with a host of well-known creators to share with their community how they take #ClimateAction, whether through purchasing fruits and vegetables from local farms, growing fresh herbs at home, opting for eco-friendly, or reducing their carbon footprint by walking to nearby places instead of using their cars.

We’re all in this fight to preserve our planet and it’s up to each of us to make our impact. Join the #ClimateAction campaign and share what you’re doing on your part to combat the climate crisis. Whether you’re brushing up on your climate literacy on TikTok, or striking up a conversation about easy sustainability ideas, we all have a part in protecting our planet’s future and together, we can make a difference.