8 Reminders for Boss Moms

Motherhood is a rewarding but exhaustive round-the-clock job, but I see you, mamas, out there breadwinning too. There is no one right answer on how to pursuit a career and to be a mother. But you can do both, and you can do both well. Here are a few reminders to all boss moms out there who are having the best of both worlds.

1.No Comparison:

Don’t compare yourself to the mom who knows all the other mommies in her child’s class or volunteers at school three times a week. She is doing a great job but so are you! Just make sure that you know what matters to your child and spend energy there. Always remember that you’re doing the best you can. 

2.Let Go of the Guilt:
Rather than dwell on how you’re not with your child, think about how your job is preserving your own identity. Your children will need a role model to look up to, a successful mother to make them proud and keep in mind that they’ll grow up someday and have their own lives, if you’re left with no career, you’ll be basically left with nothing. Do not allow motherhood to define you. 


Establishing clear and honest communication with your boss, clients and family members from the get-go ensures that everyone knows what to expect from you and what is expected of them. If your baby kept you up all night and you won’t be able to finish all the paperwork, be honest about why. If you need more time finishing a certain project, let your boss and clients know. If you need some time alone to work, let your spouse know. Be straightforward regarding what you need.

4.Take One Step Ahead:

Get everything organized the night before. Yes, you get back home tired and fed up with the world, but  if you plan ahead and pack the kids’ backpacks, lay out their clothes (plus your own), and have everyone shower; you win. It’ll save you a lot of time and trouble during the following morning.

5. Stay Connected:

If you’re going to miss or be late to your child’s event, give them something special in the morning, like a good-luck charm or a personal note. Look into options for filming the event so you can watch it later and not miss a moment. During your breaks at work, call your child; hearing their voice can help you get through a rough day, and they’ll be comforted to know you’re near.

6.Limit Distractions: 

Try to avoid multitasking, especially when spending time with your children. Be disciplined and set time limits when checking email or making phone calls, things you can do when the kids are sleeping. Work mostly at day to maximize time with your partner during the evenings. At your workplace, try to avoid wasting time. Do not take time for granted. 

7.Quality Time with Yourself: 

Because your time is divided between your home and your career, make sure to manage your energy well. You 

can’t be an effective spouse or parent if you’re cranky, so take time to care for yourself to feel relaxed. Before you go to sleep, take a bubble bath once a week, or treat yourself to a spa day. Fit in time for exercise or focus on a hobby. Remember to eat well and get enough rest—simple things that even the smartest moms neglect.

8.Be Kind to Yourself: 

Being a boss mom means you’re an overachiever by default; if you get work done and your offspring are fed and to bed, consider it a win. It’s incredible to have a set, structured schedule — in fact, you should aim for that but most days, things do not go as planned, and that’s okay. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for overall happiness and satisfaction; that’s the real goal