Magdi Gamil meet the manager of Fairmont Nile City Hotel

Magdi Gamil has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry as he worked in various international hotels with high standards. Magdi began his career as an assistant professor at the American University in Cairo’s School of Business. He joined a number of progressive roles with leading companies, including J. Walter Thompson Corporation — the world’s most recognized telecommunications brand, Concorde Hotel, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. In 2007, Magdi joined Fairmont Raffles Hotels & Resorts International and has been recently promoted as the hotel manager of Fairmont Nile City.

What motivated you to go into the hotel industry?

Passion towards people and teamwork, changing dynamics of the industry, and applying the latest modern management techniques.

Please tell us the story of Fairmont Nile City Hotel. What is your actual stance within the market? And What special services do you offer?

Fairmont Nile City is an iconic hotel with a very unique architecture structure. It is one of the luxury brands that has the mission to create the grandest of feelings among its guests.  The Fairmont story is all about going beyond the guest’s expectations and creating unforgettable memories within their stay.  Moreover, Fairmont Nile City is one of the leading hotels, and we always seek to give the most luxurious services, such as personalized services to our guests, express check-in & checkout, and our butler services.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis as a GM of Fairmont Nile City? 

We are challenged by the impact of the global crises affecting the tourism industry, such as the pandemic and daily obligations it creates towards our stakeholders, guests, colleagues, and owners.

What do you do at work that you enjoy so much you actually lose track of time?

I love giving the people the right energy to do what they do the best and consequently seeing them building their own success that contribute to the overall hotel success. 

In your opinion, what is the single best quality your employees should possess?

Dedication to work and commitment towards their day duties, the guests, colleagues, and their families. 

At work, what puts a frown on your face?

At our executive level and after 15 years in the industry, there is nothing that can affect our moral or spirit. As generation that has been through a lot, we are used to perceive challenges in a very motivational way. 

What advice would you offer to those who are inspired to become successful in the hotel industry?

Invest your time and energy on the brand that will never make you lose yourself. 

What is your tourism outlook for 2021?

I have a very positive outlook for the coming year after the vaccination campaigns and regulations from all the feeders of the market.  We are anticipating a minimum of 20% increase in the arrivals to our destination. Also, the tour operators will resume their activities starting 2022/23, which will diversify our business. 

Regarding the hotel industry in Cairo, what is your current assessment of the sector?

Cairo has many beautiful 5-star hotels that are iconic and boastful of the beauty of Cairo. I think that hotels should only focus on service not merely price. 

Can you tell us about the facilities in Fairmont Nile City Hotel? And Which restaurants do you personally recommend?

At Fairmont Nile City, all outlets offer different cuisines that match our guest’s preferences and criteria. I highly recommend our newly restaurant Gingko. 

How much do you depend on word of mouth and social media?

Nowadays clients and guests trust guest reviews as a benchmark to their choices, so we are intent upon catering to each individual guest in a way that respects his/her originality.

How would you deal with customer dissatisfaction?

We respond to dissatisfaction with considerable empathy and willingness to improve according to the sensible voice of the guests. 

How is COVID-19 impacting the hotel industry?

There’s no doubt that tourism is one of the most affected industries, for thousands have lost their jobs with the complete lockdown from all market leaders and airlines that reduced hotels’ occupancy. 

In your opinion, what are the needed measures that could be taken in order to revive the tourism sector?

Accor is a very strict company with a very strict program called ALL SAFE to help reduce the corona cases between guests and between employees. We are doing everything possible to reassure you and anticipate your needs. Social distancing is enforced in all common areas with contactless check-in, check-out, and payments carried out whenever possible. Sanitizer is provided in key public areas, such as front desk, elevators, restaurants, etc. We also care about reinforced cleaning program in public areas with frequent disinfection of all high touch areas. Employees are also provided with comprehensive safety & hygiene training.

Do you have a role model in life or in business? Please share.

All the people who contributed to my success and taught me how to improve myself are my true role models. I am very fortunate that I had many leaders who contributed to my personal growth and development in different ways. 

What is your biggest personal accomplishment?

Receiving the Director of Sales and Marketing of the year Award in 2014, and being one of the youngest Area Directors of Sales and Marketing in Egypt as well as the youngest Hotel Manager in Cairo.

What is your personal philosophy in life?

Being a leader is not a piece of cake, but I believe the real philosophy of leadership is being a considerable human being who shows compassion for everyone.

I love giving the people the right energy to do what they do the best and consequently seeing them building their own success that contribute to the overall hotel success.