Christmas games the Whole Family Can Play

Christmas is the best time to connect with the child in all of us. So here are some Christmas game ideas for family play that give all members the opportunity to play together, learn more about each other, reconnect, and have fun together So, if you Christmas parties are boring, check out these Christmas game ideas that will add lots of fun to your evenings and liven up your Christmas vibes by 120.

The Chocolate Bowl

Form two teams and prepare 2 bowls of chocolates. Give each team a pair of oversized mittens. The first person in line runs to the bowl of chocolates. He/she has to unwrap one, while wearing the gloves and eat it. The person runs to their team and gives the gloves to a second person. The winning team is the first to complete the bowl. 

What does It Mean?

Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pencil. The host of the party selects 10 difficult words from the dictionary. Guests must write down what they think each word means, and the one with the closest definition is awarded 1 point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Santa’s Hat 

Everyone must wear a Santa hat. The only rule of the game is that no one can take their hat off until the playing member has done. So, let the evening unfold and, little by little, people will look away from you. At this point, take off your hat. Gradually, people will do the same. The last person to have their hat on loses the game. 

Who is Hiding in the Hat?

Give everyone pieces of paper so that they can write some celebrity names. Put all the slips in a Santa Claus hat and have a member of the first team pick up. The player must make his team guess the name of the celebrity he has drawn without mentioning his name. The team with the most names is the winner of the game. 

The living Christmas Tree 

Create two teams. Each team names one person who will be the tree. Using paper, ornaments, bows, lights, and whatever else you can find, dress this person up to make him/her a living Christmas tree. The team with the best Christmas tree will win.

Two Resolutions & a Lie

We all plan new resolutions every year, and surely, we don’t fulfil all of them every time. So, let this be your game with your friends and family this year: Say three resolutions, among which one is not true. The players have to guess which resolution is the fake one. 

Gift Wrap Game

Test your party members to see who can wrap a present in few seconds. They must work in pairs and each person can only use one hand while the other hand is behind their backs!

Santa’s Beard 

Fill a bowl with cotton balls and get some Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to the chin of each team member. The first member of the team runs to the bowl of cotton balls and sticks as much as possible to his chin. Then, the member runs to his/her team to give the bowl to another person. The first team to finish putting the beards on wins. Make sure you have a camera on to keep a souvenir of your guests with their beards! 

The Riddle of the Tree

A very simple game, ideal for getting your guests in the mood. Players have to guess how many decorations there are on your Christmas tree. Whoever comes closest in the shortest time wins the game.

The Mysterious Christmas Stocking

The game leader puts various objects in a Christmas sock and closes the opening with a ribbon or string. The sock passes from a player to another. Everyone tries to guess the objects in by writing their answers on a piece of paper.

Guess who It Is

Each player writes the name of a celebrity or a Christmas movie on a piece of paper and sticks it to the forehead of their neighbour to the left. The latter must try to guess which celebrity or which movie it is.

Christmas Movie Quiz

Prepare twenty questions related to Christmas movies and give a quiz to each guest. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible correctly.

Christmas Odours 

In separate jars or plates, place foods or objects that smell like Christmas. It could be candy canes, cinnamon sticks, or fir needles. Blindfolded, your guests must try to guess what item in each pot or plate.

The 20 Question Game

The players take turns choosing a Christmas object while the other participants must try to guess it by asking only yes or no questions. If the item has not been found after 20 questions, the player chooses a new one.