How is TikTok Becoming Our New Virtual Runway?

With the role of social media growing on an unprecedented scale in the fashion and beauty industry, TikTok has been steadily but surely rooting itself in fueling fashion and beauty trends, challenges, and insights. Between viral content, top content creators, and trending hashtags taking TikTok by storm, it’s another successful fashion and beauty month on TikTok.

Trending challenges like #skincaretips took over the platform with more than 4.1B views and a remarkable participation of male users, like @shehata.jr ’s viral عادي إن الرجالة تعمل سكين كير video garnering 2.9M views.


عادي إن الرجالة تعمل سكين كير! ❤️

♬ original sound – Shehata Junior ll شحاتة چونيور

And with makeup makeovers being a crowd favorite, #tiktoksalon prized 397.6M views, A quick makeover being its most viral video with around 285.6K views by @with.nouran.

Hair, of course, had a fair share of attention and presence on the platform through #celebratecurls with a total of 159.2M views, with @carineannehabib‘s video, Curls Transformation, being the most watched in Egypt, accumulating 5.0M views and setting the stage for the TikTok’s rising curls fashionista.

September was an exciting month for some TikTok content creators who were dubbed top fashion and beauty creators in Egypt. Makeup special effects creator @nancyziadan made the list with a total of 1.3M followers. Styling tips for men, put @amahmoud2814 on the list with 1+ million followers, while skin care tips, positivity, and inspiration secured @thehadeerhameed a piece of the cake through her 977K + followers.