How to Build a Better Social Media Presence?

Social media has morphed into a vast world over the years, with more and more social-media influencers and businesses joining in every day. Although social media is accessible to most people, not all people can succeed in using social channels to create impressive content that attracts leads. Several newbies wish to learn how to use social media constructively to publish valuable content or build a business and increase their audience. So, let’s have a crash course that will enlighten you and improve your life by 190% or something!

How to Look Presentable?

Your profile picture is your façade to the world; it should help your audience recognize you. Make sure it conveys the best message about you. You only need to make it simple and expressive. The key to creating content that attracts an audience is relevance. Choose content that resonates with timely events happening in your community or all over the world. For instance, you can make use of a global phenomenon like covid19 to promote your business. The audience will interact with your content when they will feel that they are in the same boat with you. Therefore, try to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. This will help you enrich your content. Never make the content about you no matter how alluring it might seem. Remember that people are following your page to achieve something in the end, be it useful information or light entertainment. That is why you need to avoid using your page as a boost to your ego. Instead, make your content valuable, and not only good-looking. Create various content, using a wide spectrum of design styles and topics. This variety is a key factor for keeping your followers entertained. Photos are more important than words, for photos are easily recalled by the mind. Therefore, try to maintain a balanced ratio between written text and photography. Employ images to display eye-popping scenes and minimize your text so it won’t look too long.Designing a template for your posts is a good idea to maintain consistency and make your page showcase visual cohesion. Moreover, branding will facilitate your job by allowing you to create new posts faster. Create a catchy headline that sounds short and interesting. Consider using writing assistants, such as Grammarly, to check the readability of your text before posting. Ask rhetorical questions, use parallelism to create texts with musical effect, and emphasize the most important words.

Social Designs for Business vs for Entertainment

Business and entertainment might sound like two direct opposites. However, the truth is all effective businesses use entertainment to boost their products because social media has to be funny in the end. To exemplify, The GoPro channel on YouTube has decided to post a series of short funny videos, all filmed with the cameras the company is selling. The campaign achieved widespread success because it is based on synthesizing entertainment with serious business. Creating interesting content about your product is guaranteed to boost your rankings without much effort.

Social media optimization (SMO) is about interaction, which advances traffic to your page. SMO doesn’t care about how many posts you create every day or how many followers you have. It only cares about the reactions that your posts elicit among the audience. This refers to the likes, shares, and comments that you get.

How can you Create Social Media Designs Without a Designer?

The internet is full to the brim with several template-based design programs that anyone can use. These programs are created to cater to amateurs, comprising hundreds of templates, graphics, and photos that will make your job as seamless as it can be. You can just use the search button to look for what you need, such as “valentine’s day Instagram posts” for instance, and voila, hundreds of designs will pop up. The best free designing programs are Canva, Snappa, Desygner, and Adobe Spark. You can learn how to use matching colors effectively by understanding the color wheel. The color wheel is designed to display the balance between colors; it tells you which colors can be combined to create an appealing design. The wheel is composed of the 6 fundamental colors, — red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple, and their shades. The wheel puts matching colors either in a triangle or a rectangular form. Some of the most well-known harmonious blends are black & yellow, green & white, and red & white. 

New Trends in Social Media Designs

Every day social media provides new trends to help promote business and forge connections between people. To name a few, Instagram has contributed to short stories that generate addictive reactions among the audience. Influencers on Facebook create a plethora of challenges, to which people respond enthusiastically. TikTok surfaced because of its dynamic short videos that grab attention because of their conciseness and inventiveness. Facebook has evolved over years from allowing businesses to launch surveys to know their audience reactions to using a chatbot to converse directly with people. This chatting software has allowed pages to chat instantly with their audience, which promoted leads and helped people voice out their complaints and expectations. All in all, using social channels is not an arduous task for a beginner. It only requires enthusiasm and a worthy content to share with people.