10 Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

When our grand plans to throw together an epic costume inevitably come crashing down, Halloween

makeup is always there to save the day. It's cheap, easy, and can save even the saddest excuse for a

costume. Ahead are the 10 coolest, creepiest, and trendiest Halloween beats for the year. All you need

are the right tools and a steady hand to create these incredible, makeup-only costumes at home.

Rosy Eyes 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to bust out a look you’ve had pinned to your inspo board for months. This pearly pink eye shadow is even cooler when paired with a coordinating mask. 

Batwing Liner 

Spooky batwing liner is a perfect option if your plans are low-key but you still want to feel the Halloween spirit. Plus, you probably have everything on hand already to do this look.

Sharon Tate

Simple but has its effect. An ode to Sharon Tate and Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood is as easy as channelling her signature banana eye makeup.

Ice Queen

No offense to Elsa, but this is the Frozen makeup we have always dreamt of. So beautiful, so simple, and not so hard to copy. 

Webbed Masquerade Mask

It’s time to let out your inner freak. Halloween is the perfect time to try a different kind of mask—draw one on with eyeliner and get creative as much as you can and shock the crowds.

Daphne Bridgerton

Many fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton have not only fallen in love with its storyline but its elegant fashion, too. Take some pointers from the show and transform into a modern-day English lady-in-waiting with this simple pink eye shadow look.

Deer Makeup

If your taste leans more cute than creepy, a doe is the perfect vibe for you. Super long lashes and body paint make this version stand out. 

Butterfly Eyes 

One of this year’s coolest makeup trends on TikTok is the butterfly eyeliner, but if you’re more of a minimal gal, it could feel a bit much for every day. Luckily, it packs just enough punch for Halloween.

Electric Lady

This combination of glitter and eye shadow is so electric. You will be the one bringing the light to the party.

Cat Makeup

If Ariana Grande can pull off cat ears during everyday life, the rest of us can definitely pull it off on the one day of the year that’s meant for weird dressing up.