Palm Hills Club Raises the Bar for the Tennis Future in Egypt by hosting the Rafa Nadal Academy’s Camp

As tennis starts to become an indispensable sport in Egypt with its increasing popularity day after day, the fans of the game highly anticipate the emergence of more Egyptian tennis champions participating in well-known international tournaments representing their country. Palm Hills Club has contributed to shaping the talented Egyptian youth to take their very first step towards this dream by establishing a major milestone to develop their capabilities through dedicating its field to host the one and only Rafa Nadal Academy’s six-day training camp. Such intensive camp is taking place for the first time in Egypt, therefore it was graced by the Spanish Counsel General Gonzalo Munoz. Furthermore, this camp would greatly contribute to preparing the upcoming generation to occupy advanced positions in international ranking in the future.

The camp aims to focus on bracing the future generations of different regions by targeting children in each selective country aged between 8 to 14 years old with average age being 11 years. Ahmed Hassanein, Head of Commercial at Palm Hills & Clubs General Manager said: “in light of Palm Hills’ eagerness to contribute to Egypt vision 2030 through investing in developing sports talents. We dedicated our club to serve as the ultimate means by opening its tennis court for Rafa Nadal Academy to run its training camp for the Egyptian Youth.”

Hassanein further adds: “the mission of this one of a kind collaboration, which is managed by The Tennis Club Egypt, is to lend these young talents a helpful hand to unleash their potential in tennis by granting them the golden opportunity to leverage on the unique training resources of Nadal Academy that is coming to Egypt for the first time.”

The children receive an exceptional experience from four professional Spanish coaches that the academy has provided, who also happen to be dedicated strength & conditioning trainers to train them on the values that Rafa Nadal has transmitted on and off the court during his professional circuit. Moreover, five top Egyptian coaches will be present on ground to support the Spanish coaches in running the camp. What makes this camp very special is its unique access to the academy’s training philosophy on modern and creative tennis allowing the participants to benefit from highly focused training sessions and special insights that extend beyond the court.

The academy has developed a well-thought-out program for the intensive six-day camp to prepare the players as per its comprehensive criteria to reach the optimum level.

The day started with a morning match, followed by endurance training within the Fitness Skill Zone. The academy also ensures distributing a healthy meal encompassing all the necessary nutrition, which comes in line with the program’s mission to prepare children to become athletes.

Then, the day is complemented by the main event “Building a Champion” program, which includes various workshops that focus on mental training. At the end of the program, participants will receive an evaluation with valuable insight into their current performance, and a development plan to improve their game once they return to their academy or school.