8 Ways to Completely Ruin your own Wedding

No bride puts sabotaging her own marriage on her bucket list obviously. However, brides can really make things less rosy and even be their own worst enemy. Many brides end up ruining their perfect vision of their weddings as their well-intentioned and seemingly creative ideas set them up for the greatest life regrets. That is why we have compiled for you a list of the dont’s you should avoid while planning your big day.

Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Many brides intend to keep their shoes untested till the wedding day, not knowing that they are sailing close to the wind. It is recommended that you wear an old pair of heels that you have gotten used to instead of risking your destiny with a newly outboxed shoe. Many brides even opt for inchers that they haven’t tried before, believing that they won’t notice the difference because of the overwhelming happiness that will be shrouding the atmosphere. Well, we hate to break it to you, but the discomfort will divert your attention away from these thrilling moments as cutting off the circulation of blood inside your feet can indeed ruin your mood. Moreover, it is needless to say that many brides experience epic falls while dancing with their bridegrooms because of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Surely, you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, we advise you to opt for a trustworthy pair of heels. After all, there is nothing bad about wearing a kitten heel on your wedding day if it will give you free rein to dance your heart out.

Trying to Satisfy Every Guest

Brides sometimes forget that their wedding day is about them and what makes them happy, not about how others are feeling. The decisions that you make for this day should only be yours and your groom’s because you can’t make everyone happy no matter how sincerely you try. Many brides squander their wedding time by running around like butterflies to spend time with each and every guest they have. Surely, having a delightful chat with your guests is a sign of appreciation, and many guests would love to spend some time with the princess of the night. However, it can turn out badly because sometimes guests need to leave early, especially those who have children. Also, striking up a conversation with your closest friends can take longer than expected, and you would end up surprised by the amount of time you spent chatting instead of capturing some romantic moments with your bridegroom. So, we recommend that you get around to your guests at a special dinner after the wedding.

Being a Master Procrastinator

If you are this type of person who thrives on deadlines and procrastination, putting off the planning of your wedding won’t give you overwhelming excitement as you think. It is essential that you form a schedule to keep things planned. Try to keep your schedule reasonable and realistic; for example, having weekends to create the entire thing will be strenuous and cumbersome as you will find most wedding vendors busy in the wedding season. Don’t think that your photo sessions, invitations, dress, and makeup will do themselves by magic. Also, consider that you need to be flexible with the people you will hire, such as the photographer, stylist, and so on because emergencies do happen. So, instead of taking off from work, staying awake for consecutive days searching Pinterest, or replacing your lunchtime with examining linens, you’d better leave extra time.

Having a Competitive Mindset

It is no secret that comparisons can ruin everything, and if you get butterflies by competing with others, being competitive when it comes to your wedding is never a good idea. Analyzing every minor detail and micromanaging things end up badly in most cases. Taking things too seriously will kill your enjoyment and make you stressed. Take into consideration that not all venues are alike, so what you have seen at your friend’s wedding might not be a good fit for you. There are many tricks that you are not aware of, so consult your planner and don’t be a control freak.

Not Sleeping the Night Before

It is understandable that the night before your wedding you will feel like a ball of stress. Your mind will be racing, and the avalanche of thoughts will make sleeping an arduous task. Still, you should coerce yourself to sleep by getting inside your bed at the same time you tend to sleep every night after unwinding by doing some exercise. Avoiding caffeine on this day is a must, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. Try to stop the flow of thoughts and tell yourself that worrying won’t make any difference. It is what it is.

Not Eating Anything in the Morning

A wide range of brides avoid eating before going to the wedding. Yes, wedding-day mornings are hectic and full of things to do, and you know you are going to eat well at night, especially after all the tasting menu experiments you went through. But no bride will be happy when she hears her stomach replying to the vows with her. So, before you wear your dress, try to eat a small breakfast to give yourself ample energy for what is to come. Remember to take good care of yourself to fulfil the needs of the day.

Not Making a Timeline for the Day

Relying on a schedule will make everything run smoothly and nothing will be out of hand. Things usually take longer than you expect them to take; therefore, leaving extra time is the smartest thing to do. To exemplify, leave about 15 minutes between the arrival of the guests and taking pictures. Leave some time for people to be able to go to the toilet, fix their hair and makeup after sitting for too long; everyone will definitely need to make sure they don’t look ratchet. So, allow for extra minutes wherever it feels possible. This will also help you avoid delays and embarrassing moments as everything will be well-timed.

Allowing Others to Choose your Dress

Your dress is the most important factor in the entire day, so by allowing others to influence your choice, you will be setting yourself up for the greatest regret of your life. No bride wants to feel that the dress she wore wasn’t the one. Looking at your photos and realizing that the dress looked ill-fitting will make you curse everything white on earth. So, refrain from taking many people to shop with you, trust your gut, and avoid asking for many opinions. Don’t let anything sway your judgement. You will know what is right when you see it with your eyes.