Executive Chef Said Adly

At Hilton Cairo Zamalek

Although he started his career with a French hospitality brand, chef Saied Adly grew an interest in Italian cuisine, and he likes incorporating its ingredients as his secret in his style. We met him and asked how he does so, what Ramadan means to him workwise and in addition to his best recipes that he loves cooking for his guests during Ramadan.

How did you start your career and since when? Do you have any famous accreditations?

I start my career as trainee at ACCOR since 26 years ago.

What’s the business like since Corona?

The work was affected by the Corona, but we took all preventive measures such as banning buffets and providing meals for everyone separately, along with providing the necessary disinfectants.

How is Ramadan different from the rest of the year?

Ramadan is characterized by people’s interest in Eftar and Suhour, as family gatherings

What’s your speciality cuisine?

My favorite kitchen is the Italian cuisine, which is characterized by the homogeneity between pasta, pizza, and basic meals that contain aromatic herbs.

What’s a secret ingredient you always use in your special dishes?

My secret ingredient is aromatic herbs.

What’s your favourite Ramadan dish? pls share it’s recipe.

My favorite Ramadan dish is Goulash with minced meat

Goulash with minced meat


1 kg goulash

1/2 kg minced meat

200 gr melted butter

2 chopped onions 

Sprinkle salt and pepper

2 eggs

2 cups milk

Method of cooking 

First, the minced meat put the meat in a hot pot on the fire with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and stir it until its color changes. Add finely chopped onions, stirring, add salt, pepper and spices and leave until the meat is cooked.

We divide the goulash in tow half’s. 

In a greased tray, we stack the first half, taking into account the fat of each layer well with butter.

After the end of the first half, add the meat and distribute it evenly on the tray.

Then we add the remaining half of the goulash, taking into account the fat of each layer with butter well.

After finishing, we cut the goulash.

Then, in an external bowl, beat the eggs well, add the milk to it, and mix them well.

Add the milk and egg mixture to the goulash tray and stir the tray until the mixture is well distributed over it.

Then enter the oven and leave until the face is well golden color.