Sharp A +++++ Air Conditioner

The Most Energy-Efficient with Superior Japanese Technology

The air conditioner device has become essential to our lives as its importance and uses are no longer limited to the summer season. It has become a necessity in the cold weather in winter as well. Nevertheless, what does the customer look for when buying an air conditioner? Is it the highest quality and the best technology? Or the air-conditioner with the least power consumption? Or is it the best air puffier for a healthier environment? The truth is that all of these factors exist in one device that is the best-selling in the Egyptian market. It is Sharp air conditioner that meets all of these requirements in addition to the warranty factor and the after-sales service which Elaraby Group is famous for.

Concerning the A +++++ technology, it is responsible for raising the efficiency of energy level in Sharp air conditioner. Engineer Mohamed Abdel-Geed Elarabi, Head of Manufacturing Operations at Elaraby Companies, confirmed that the advanced classification of the energy efficiency for the air conditioner reaches the A +++++ level, which is the highest international classification approved by the Egyptian organizations specialized in standards and quality. Therefore, due to the increasing rate of electronic devices either at homes or companies, the customer needs to resort to low-power devices in order to reduce expenses.

He added that the Sharp air conditioner is equipped with plasma clusters, which provide a healthy environment that is free of dust, viruses and microbes. Moreover, the filtration system does not only change the air but also naturally purifies it. Not to mention plenty of other features that serve the distribution and flow of air inside the room, such as Super jet Mode, My AREA, and the COANDA feature that guarantees comfort. He stressed on using environment-friendly freon gas to achieve complete consumer safety and environmental protection. He also pointed out to the quality and safety tests that are carried out on Sharp air conditioners in the Research and Development Center of Elarabi Group to ensure both the quality of manufacturing and the suitability of the air conditioner components to different environmental conditions.