Celebrate Mother’s Day while Giving Back to Society

Instagram always sheds light on numerous inspiring brands that are developing in our close communities to help them enlarge their business. That is why Instagram keeps developing new tools every day to help small businesses develop easily. Instagram offers a wide range of brands that you can check if you are searching for some reliable places to bring your mum a mesmerizing present that will make her happy. Moreover, you will be giving back to your community since these brands are all local homegrown businesses that make charitable contributions one way or another. So, let’s celebrate 2021’s Mother’s Day in a constructive way by helping the entire Egyptian community and impressing our mums concurrently. Here is a list of some of such businesses, which can be found on Instagram easily since they all have the Instagram Shop feature enabled.

Businesses that Support this Mother’s Day:

  1. UpFuse: UpFuse is a sustainable bag and accessories business that transforms plastic bags into wearable pieces and bags. It also employs skilled workers from underprivileged communities.
  2. Doodle Factory: The factory offers many fashion and lifestyle products that were tailored by children who wish to support their basic needs of healthcare and education. Doodle Factory often presents varied invitations with NGOs such as the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre in Cairo to help fund a pediatric unit in the new hospital from collected profits.
  3. Ellie: Ellie is a home-décor business that provides sustainable, handcrafted home goods. Furthermore, it supports and employs skilled workers from disadvantaged communities.
  4. Norshek: Norshek is a health, wellness, and beauty brand offering a variety of products from shampoo to herbal tea mixes. It aims to create natural beauty and health products that are eco-friendly and involve environmentally friendly packaging.
  5. Kiliim: Kiliim is a fair-trade certified home-decor business that often contributes to society by the donations it gives to the Egyptian community by building roofs and installing water for families in need. The business also provides several job opportunities for misfortunate regions and people who have dire needs.
  6. Fufa: Fufa is an eco-friendly clothing brand for women, and it has recently established a children’s line. The brand’s costumes are made from sustainable fabrics and materials that were previously extracted from reused leftover materials to reduce waste, which helps preserve our environment. It also employs talented elderly women that need extra income.
  7. Malaika Linens – Threads of Hope: Malaika specializes in home accessories that are locally handcrafted in Egypt. It also provides embroidery training programs to provide unfortunate women with the skills they need and employ them to help them make their own living.
  8. Little Blessings: It is a brand that provides child-room decor and home goods, which could be perfect gifts for the new mothers in your life. Little Blessings routinely gives back to the community by donating to several institutions such as the Magdi Yacoub Foundation and the Egyptian Food Bank.