Rowaidah Bibers

Rowaidah Bibers is an influential businesswoman in Egypt and The Middle East, with more than ten years of experience in PR and Communication field. She is the Managing Director of POD and has acquired immense expertise, owing to her work with many renowned multinational clients, such as Google, British Petroleum, and Hilton Worldwide. We met with Bibers to know the main reasons that contributed to her being at the pillar of the business world for years.

First, we would like to know about your major in university, and are you working in the same field? If not –why?

I majored in International Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick, and as you can tell, I pursued a career in a different field and direction. Over the years, I have always been passionate about understanding communication as a skill and as an industry on a large scale. This stems from my strong belief that communication is the starting and focal point of everything in life, be it on a personal or a professional level across all fields of business. This was the main motive behind exploring this career.


What made you choose this field of business? And what are the goals that you have already achieved? Any other goals you aspire to achieve?

I chose communication because it is something intangible that you cannot hold or restrict, nor does it abide by general rules. Business communication is an art that takes years of experience to master, and I felt that it is something that I want to explore. When I was young, I was always the problem-solver. Even at school and university, I used to lead discussions with people including my professors. It was very interesting for me to read what is between the lines, analyse, and interpret the meaning behind every word and its implication.

I believe the most important goal I achieved was the ability to pass the knowledge I gained from years of experience to my team and motivate them to always be eager to learn and develop their skills. This is added to the skill of building a healthy, strong relationship between my team and the field of communication. In fact, this is the time of the younger generation; they are the ones who will shape the future of this industry. Hence, it is mandatory that we give them full support and establish a culture of trust for them.

When it comes to my long-term goal, I feel it is an ongoing one that has no ceiling, for it has to do with helping people and giving back to society. One can never have enough of helping people. That is why, I am always keen on continuously helping the people around me, regardless of their background or their field.


What are the main catalysts that drove your business towards success?

Teamwork is my number one always since no one can go anywhere alone. Moreover, creating a healthy work environment and maintaining a positive spirit are crucial factors for the success of the team.


How do you advertise/promote your business? And why?

I would say we strongly promote our business by providing top-notch quality, in addition to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, thanks to our adroit, energetic professionals. In order to maintain high-end quality and customer satisfaction, we continuously reinforce our team and search for new calibres, who can excel as our ambassadors and market representatives.


What do you look for in an employee who wants to become part of your business?

We look for people who can exhibit the know-how skills of operating in the communication industry, master communication skills, and show thorough understanding and patience. It is also important to accept the fact that learning is a life-long process, regardless of your level of experience. This is how teams and organizations grow, flourish, and stand out.


If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

When you first start something new, do not be quick in judging. Give yourself the chance to assess your progress and your work based on facts before making up your mind. This is a long process, so you need to be more patient. The second advice would be to always demonstrate humanity and compassion towards every situation and to acknowledge your team’s feelings.


Is it easier being an employee or an entrepreneur in Egypt in your line of work and why?

I would say that the most two difficult aspects are leading a big team with diverse, robust skills and knowing how to fully utilize one’s resources. Acknowledging the market is another major difficulty that emerges: The Egyptian market is huge and saturated with miscellaneous skills, so managing a big team from different walks of life to get your business on track is not a piece of cake at all.


Knowing what you know now, would you have done things any differently?

I wouldn’t change anything. I will just keep learning from people.


Has your business affected your family life? Positively or negatively and how?

When it comes to family life, it is not only about presence but rather about efficiency. My job has always taught me to monitor and support my family without being physically present. As a result, they have also learned to be more responsible and independent. The world is changing, and mothers can no longer be present all the time, even if they are housewives. Even children nowadays don’t stay at home all the time.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

I spend my free time doing the things I love the most, such as spending time with my children and family members. If my children are busy or not available, I like to have some me-time.


What are the factors that you believe have to be present to contribute to healthy family life?

Nurturing, unconditional love, and non-stop care are all very important factors.


What are your two biggest accomplishments?

My biggest achievement is having healthy and affectionate relationships, in terms of family, friends, and teammates. In life, we shouldn’t measure our success based on work alone; maintaining happy and strong relationships with family, friends, colleagues, or partners is also a worthwhile accomplishment.


Do you have a favourite book/movie? What is it?

I’m a bookworm! I can’t mention a single book or an author, but I can definitely mention my favourite authors: Ihsan Abdel Kodous, Naguib Mahfouz, Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, Essam Youssef, Ashraf El Ashmawy, and Ahmed Murad.


Do you have a role model in life or in business? Please share

My role model has always been my mother. I believe she endured a lot for me and for my siblings. She is an epitome of strength, resilience, and unconditional love. Generally speaking, any woman who manages to succeed in her personal and business life is a role model.

In 3 simple words, please share with us the keys to success and a happy life from your perspective

Humanity. Love. Acceptance

In life, we shouldn’t measure our success based on work alone; maintaining happy and strong relationships with family, friends, colleagues, or partners is also a worthwhile accomplishment.