Emirates NBD Egypt Launches Mega Liabilities Campaign

Going from poverty to wealth is essentially all humanity’s Dream. Starring Soleiman Eid and Tamer Hagras, Emirates NDB’s ad showcases how such an impossible dream is a no-brainer: Once Soleiman Eid opts in Emirates NDB’s campaign, he starts having his shower of money until he morphs into Tamer Hagras, acquiring an unbeatable English accent and all-over, golden tan. So it is with Hagras’ assistant who soon turns into Soleiman Eid while engrossed in counting his big money, which perks things up a lot.

For those who are fretting about how rents should be paid, Emirates NDB Egypt is giving you the chance to entertain the possibility that you can worm your way into wealth and be as clever as it gets!

Under the slogan “Money Changes People”, Emirates NBD Egypt urged people to open an account and get a chance to win 500 thousand Egyptian pounds and a grand prize of 2 million Egyptian pounds.

Emirates NBD- Egypt launched the Mega Liabilities campaign. This campaign is under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

All customers; new and existing are eligible for this offer if they meet campaign criteria. Campaign has 3 Monthly Draws and 1 Grand Prize draw as follows:

  1. For the Monthly prize draw:

By the end of each month starting from 15th of September 2020, Emirates NBD Egypt shall be handing monthly cash prizes for three months whereby one client per month will be eligible to win EGP 500K in cash upon depositing a sum of EGP 50,000 in his/her account.

  1. For the Grand prize draw:

Minimum Average balance of EGP 50k should be maintained in Current, Current Plus, or Savings account by the end of campaign period. In January 2021, the bank will announce the draw for the grand prize EGP 2 million

According to Mohamed Berro, CEO of Emirates NBD-Egypt: “The strategy of Emirates NBD – Egypt aims to support the country’s plans for economic recovery and achieving financial inclusion by providing innovative banking services that satisfy our customers.”

“We are launching this campaign for the fourth year in a row to encourage our new and existing customers to invest their savings in banks and benefit from our offers and banking services. We are keen to provide the best benefits to our customers and the best return on investment and to provide electronic banking services to easily facilitate the procedures for our customers in dealing with their accounts without having to visit the bank.” said Mr. Berro.

It is worth noting that Emirates NBD-Egypt held a draw in 2017 for their customers with a major prize; a luxury Maserati. In 2018, the bank offered a few lucky winners the opportunity to get weekly and monthly cash prizes and a grand prize of EGP 5 million. Last year, the bank held a monthly draw with BMW cars for 8 lucky winners, and a large draw of EGP 5 million for one winner at the end of the campaign.