Halloween Decoration

Halloween is known for its stylish grisly decorations and amusing costumes. So, why not garb your entire home in some creative decorations to wow your guests and send them into overdrive?

Let  the entrance to your home become extra creepy for trick or treaters with this “Beware Zombies” sign which is designed to look as if a zombie is breaking out from under the ground

Halloween is fast approaching, and while once a simple carved pumpkin was enough to decorate your home for the occasion, these days it doesn’t suffice. From wreaths and wall hangings to Halloween trees, more is more this All Hallows’ Eve, and we’ve rounded up some of the best decorations on the high street.

This statement-making display doesn›t require you to be a pumpkin-carving expert. Instead, you can cheat with a drill. First, pencil your letters onto hollowed pumpkins (carve out the opening from the bottom). Next, use a drill with a half-inch bit to create holes that form each letter. Use a string of Christmas-tree lights, gathered in small bunches, to illuminate each pumpkin (unscrew the bulbs where the string descends to the next row).

Pumpkin carving is a family favorite around here and nothing looks quite as fun as a plethora of glowing faces staring back at you come Halloween night. Candles, glow sticks, and other bright lights can change up your smiling faces and make your display even more interesting.

Planning an All Hallows’ Eve dinner party? You’ll find everything you need to set the spooky scene at George Home, including scary hanging ghosts, skeletons and metallic pumpkins.

Our next pick shows how you can create a unique Halloween display in your home. Add some window silhouettes like the ones mentioned earlier, make some black paper bats, add a pumpkin and some ghosts. You could recreate something like this any way you like but this image shows a fun, cool and creative way to decorate for Halloween.

Create a spine-tingling graveyard in your front yard with posable skeletons and broken tombstones. Don’t line the tombstones up in a straight line. Instead, stagger them around and make it look like it’s a really old cemetery with some of the gravestones tilted and broken. Pile some fresh dirt in front of a few of the gravestones and have skeletons coming out from their graves.