Halloween Makeup Looks

Anyone in Halloween can throw on a costume and call it a day, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile and put together a creative makeup look, you’ll be bringing a little something extra to the table. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup newbie or a total whiz with a brush, we’ve rounded up looks that will accommodate any skill level. Whether you decide to draw inspiration from these ideas or copy them stroke for stroke, your Halloween makeup look is going to be spectacular.


The Egyptian queen is known for her elaborate eyeshadow look. To create the look, get your royal blue, turquoise, gold, and black eyeshadows and apply them in a dramatic wing shape. Use a dark brown shadow to fill in your brows with a high arch and a lengthy tail. Finish the rest of your makeup with your beaming foundation, a subtle contour, and a nude lip.



Put on a dark brown contour and a light tan to make your feline-inspired features stand out. Use a black eyeshadow as a stick. Use the eyeshadow to draw some black spots as you can see in the picture and Voilà,  your cat-like nose and mouth are done.



What I love about this skeleton costume is it’s totally up for interpretation. Choose any eyeshadow colors you like and use them to create hallowed eyes, cheeks, and a full set of teeth.


Little Red Riding Hood

Half of the face resembles your normal everyday makeup. The other half is painted as a wolf. The wolf part can look a bit intimidating but it’s surprisingly easy. All you need is to paint your face white and to bust out either your eyeliner or black-face paint. Regarding the mermaid look, you can create the appearance of a peeling skin and to put on some lash glue and cotton wool.


Plastic surgeons

Even the most meticulous plastic surgery can look pretty terrible right after it’s done. Makeup addicts use plastic surgery for creepy looks at Halloween. With some red shades and glue,you can scare everyone out of their wits!