Egyptian & Arab Celebrities & their loved pets

Celebrities are just like everybody else, love, and adopt pets into their families, even with their busy schedules. Meet the celebrities who are major animal lovers just like you are.


Tara Emad

Animal rights organizations have captured Tara Emad’s heart, “I’m in love with animals and I want to help I feel that it make a difference”



The queen of affection has a soft spot for tiny fluffy adorable creatures. Elissa, the divas of the Arab world, has blessed our feed multiple times with photos of her little ball of fur.


Ahmed Mekky

The Algerian-Egyptian actor is a major animal lover. Mekky has posted many videos of himself with his many pets – falcon, pigeon, puppy, rabbit, parrot, and recently a squirrel.


Eyad Nassar

For a history of action and dramatic roles, Eyad Nassar can pretty much melt our hearts solely with a selfie with his lovely Beagle – Oreo.


Assi El Hallani

Assi El Hallani prefers larger and stronger types of pets, and he is known for his love for nature and horses.


Ahmed Fahmy

The actor’s love for dogs is quite clear. He always posts pictures of his dogs and talks about them in his interviews. He also got involved in an opening of a shelter for stray dogs recently.