Appreciation Letter for Mothers

They had long sleepless nights. Walked around with clothes full of your food spits. Felt the pain whenever you get hurt. Spent nights praying for you to be always well and in good health. Woke up from the early morning on your birthdays to bake the cake you wished for, and to complete the preparations for your party. She put up with the selfishness that came with your teen years. She humbled herself to put your needs (and more often wants) above her own. She sacrificed innumerable hours to help you with projects, or to simply spend an afternoon bonding with you. After hours at work, she hurries to go home to cook your favorite home-made meal before you arrive home from school.

There are no words in this whole world can describe the efforts mothers make in order to see her children happy and successful. Mothers’ love is unconditional, they always give and never ask for something in return. Appreciating them is the least we can do, show them your love, and always pray God to grant them a good health, and a happy life.

You are deserving of gratitude every single day for the way you raised your family, you maintained your grace, you balanced schedules, and you blessed others. Today and every day, I am thankful for the gift you are, as a mother, friend, mentor, and hero. Many people never get to meet the person they look up to, but I was fortunate enough to be raised by mine.

Thank you for showing me how to be strong. Thank you for laughing with me so hard we cry. Thank you for memories I will never forget, and a legacy I will proudly carry on. Thank you for being the woman God made you to be, for she is also everything I aspire to be.