Romantic Getaways

Whether you’re a couple that finds romance in relaxation or in adventure, there’s always going to be that place that sparks the flame and sets the mood. For many, that means sand, sun and sparkling blue water. For others, a vibrant cityscape full of culture and history. Discover your personal paradise from our hit list of spots that will have you love-struck at first sight–whether you’re looking to propose, honeymoon or simply get away.

Bora Bora                       

You’ll know how special and unique Bora Bora is as soon as you land: what you’ll see when you exit the airport on the island will leave you without words. The bright blue and green shades of water are unreal, and it will be love at first sight! Waking up in one of the overwater bungalows will make you feel like you own the entire world. Not to mention the perfect white beaches and thousands of tropical fish in the coral gardens. Add to that the unforgettable experience of swimming with sharks and giant manta rays, and you’ll be living one of the most romantic experiences the world has to offer!

Paris, France

Talking about the most romantic destinations, this is probably the most obvious one! And for a very good reason. Paris is one of our favourite cities in the world. No one can deny that Paris is the city of love! Strolling along the Seine, wandering along the streets and grabbing a quick bite at a cafe are just some of the most romantic things that you can do. Make sure to visit the picturesque Montmartre and climb the Eiffel Tower together!

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is one of the most romantic destinations to explore with your special loved one. The Kyoto Botanical Gardens have some impressive landscapes and are full of amazing colours in every season: the perfect place to stroll around with your partner. You can enjoy a romantic boat ride along the cherry blossom-lined Okazaki Canal. This will be an experience that you will never be able to forget!

The Maldives

The Maldives lie between southwest of India and Sri Lanka. They are known as one of the most romantic archipelagos in the world. Here you will be able to enjoy white sand beaches, admire a rich and incredible marine life and a crystal clear blue sea, with a colour so intense you won’t believe is real! You can enjoy snorkelling during the day and then relax on the beach while drinking a glass of champagne and admiring a wonderful sunset in the evening. The colours here will remind you of the most stunning paintings you have ever seen.

Padar Island, Indonesia

If you are an adventurous couple that loves nature, Padar is the perfect destination! This island dreamscape has incredible white, pink, and black sand beaches. And the breath-taking view you will see after the 30-minute hike to the top will leave you without words! Padar is still quite remote, which makes it the perfect location if you are looking for a paradise island just for yourself. Labuan Bajo is the closest city, and there are tours departing daily for one, two, or three-day visits. There are only a few tourists visiting the island every day, making it an incredible place for a romantic adventure.

Venice, Italy      

This city takes my breath away! No other city in the world can compare to Venice when we talk about romance. The landscape here is just so spectacular: it just looks like a live renaissance painting. The hidden bridges, the narrow lanes, and the legendary canals are perfect to be explored with your partner. One of the most romantic things that you can do here is taking a gondola ride with your loved one. Venice is just perfect for lovers!

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, known as the garden island, is the perfect romantic place if you want to get away from everything and everyone! It has it all: beautiful, secluded beaches, colourful gardens, incredible waterfalls, and amazing resorts. Not to mention it’s one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. No matter what you love to do, here you will find something for you: hike to one of the many waterfalls, spend the day on one of the remote beaches scattered along the island, or enjoy the day lounging by the pool. There’s no better way to spend some quality time with your loved one.