Happy Valentine’s Day to Me

Do you think you should be dating to enjoy Valentine’s day? Absolutely not, there are many ways you can enjoy that day without having a date or a boyfriend\girlfriend, a plan with some of your single fellas will do. 

Don’t romanticize being in a relationship

A tendency to be on a lookout for is the tendency to feel like you’re worse off than others simply because you’re single. Assuming that having a partner in your life will make it much better and easier to get through hard times, this idea is totally wrong, what makes your life better or worse is entirely depends on the one you are having that relationship with, not the idea of it. There are plenty of depressed couples that have miserable lives, spending their time and effort for something unworthy, and taking away more than they add to each other lives. It’s in your grasp to have a happy and fulfilling life as a single. All you need to do is recognize the wide range of options you have to make yourself happy and to employ them.  

Do something for yourself

If you are a group of singles, don’t weep out wishing for love partners, book yourselves a day at the spa, get into a Jacuzzi tub, have a massage, you can bumper yourself in the best ways if you just decided to. As a rule of thumb, the more you take care of yourself and your needs, the less you feel the necessity to have somebody else in your life. You may still want to have that person to share your life with, but without seeking desperately for them.

Mingle with the Singles

Valentine isn’t a couple’s day, want to have fun on that day? Gather your other single friends, put on the fanciest outfits, and book yourselves a table in a classy restaurant to have a delicious dinner with some drinks. More often than not, I’m single on Valentine’s Day. And I can tell you from experience that there is no shortage of single people out on this day, dancing, partying, socializing, drinking and having fun. There are even bars and clubs that have special singles’ nights or parties on Valentine’s Day Night.

Get a Romantic Meal-For-Two Takeaway All for Yourself

You cannot Netflix and chill without some takeouts, can you? Chicken Korma? Beef satay? Giant kebab? Chinese? Take your pick, it’s Valentine’s night and the food-world is your oyster because you can order as much as you want and everybody will just assume you’re sharing with a loved one. When the delivery lad comes knocking, you can even shout a brief “he’s here, babe” back up the stairs, just so they don’t know you’re alone.

Have a Movie Marathon Featuring Your Celebrity Crush

We all have a celebrity crush at some point in our lives. Are you really into Leonardo DiCaprio? Have you been crushing on him for many years ever since I saw Titanic as a kid? One fun thing to do to lighten the mood on Valentine’s Day is to have a full-day movie marathon with your favorite celebrity crush. Pop yourself a big bowl of popcorn, hit the store and get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, crack open a bottle of wine, light a candle and enjoy a fun-filled day with your crush! Collect all of your favorite actor’s movies and spend Valentine’s Day with your true on-screen love. For bonus lovey time with your crush, binge some Youtube videos like interviews featuring them!

Spread the Love

Though Valentine’s Day is typically considered to be a day for couples, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spread the love to others in your own way! For instance, you could go to the store and get a box of Valentines to share with friends and family, a small gesture like this could make their day! If you want to go above and beyond to spread the love, volunteer at a shelter or donate canned goods or clothes to a cause that means something to you. If none of this appeals to you and is more for low-key kinds of love, simply do a kind act for someone. This could be holding the door, saying thank you, letting someone cut in front of you in line, etc. Whatever the act is, someone will appreciate it!

So, get in touch with some of your single friends, go out and enjoy yourselves. If you don’t have single friends, this is an excellent moment to make some. For instance, you can go to a singles event or something and meet other singles. On this day, they’ll be particularly excited to meet new people, and who knows, you might wind up with someone from these singles and spend next year’s Valentine the romantic way.