Hey It’s OK

  • To spend Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends, having dinner for four, then hitting the clubs making fun of the love birds!
  • To skip on the big plans if you have a BF and just spending it with him watching rom-com at home and eating Doritos!
  • To spend every penny from your salary on silly Valentine gifts to yourself! Cause who’s going to love you more than you!
  • To buy every teddy bear and heart-shaped pillow in the store and throw them everywhere in your apartment, even get a fee for your pet to tear apart!  You and your pet just love L-O-V-E and you’re both going to full-on celebrate it!
  • To spend your entire income on that one sexy dress to wear on Valentine’s Day dinner with the ex who you don’t care to impress, but he should suffer just the same! Eat your hearts out, ladies!
  • To convince your hubby to spend Valentine’s evening at home and have a romantic dinner with candles (he can cook though) because it is more romantic this way… just the two of you. But the truth is you’re too lazy to go out in this cold weather for romance. Also he might get exhausted from all the preparation so you’ve hit two birds with one stone.
  • To choose to travel on that day so you can spend it at airports and not see lovey dove couples all over each other and be of reminded of how lonely you are on this one day!  No worries, your man is out there looking for you, you’re just too busy to be waiting around for him! Huh
  • To brag to your friends about the amazing date your hubby is planning for you and google some wild stuff and pretend it’s gonna happen when you and they know you’re probably spending it at home over a delivery dinner and an old movie. You still have your wild girl reputation to keep!
  • Finally, it’s ok to have a regular day on V Day and still be happy and count your blessings. You are alive and loving life with everything it throws at you.