How to Beat Winter Blues?

 In the cold days, it might be hard to pull yourself out of bed, but it’s important to be active and keep up with your work, college, or school, go out with friends, have a new hobby, and focus on positivity to kick off any chance of getting a depression during the dark season.

Be Active

Take a walk in the middle of a rainy day with your headphones on. It is the easiest way to keep you fit and lose weight, be more active and in good mental health. It is not necessary to work for hours, 10 minutes daily has lots of health benefits. You don’t have to walk so fast, but not too slow also, you can tell if you are walking briskly if you can still talk. The easiest way to maintain your daily walks is to make it a habit, and think of ways to include walking in your daily routine, for example, walk half the distance in your trip to work, use stairs instead of the lift, don’t use your car in a short journey, or walk with a friend to be more enjoyable.

Go Outside

Go for midday brunches with your friends as much as you can, especially on the brighter days of winter. This is called the darkest season of the year, it has lots of gloomy mornings. If you cannot go outside for any reason, you can sit next to your window whenever you can and hold your hot cocoa with you, you will enjoy it more.

Keep Yourself Warm

Feel the cold within your body can cause depression, so staying warm can reduce that feeling. Get hot drinks, eat hot food, especially soups. Wear warm clothes like wool sweaters, and always keep your knitted socks on, cold feet can always be annoying. Always keep your home warm between 20 and 23 degrees.

Adopt a New Hobby

Learning to do a new thing will keep your mind active and full of ideas for a new interest. You can learn about knitting, joining a gym or an educational course, you can also learn to play on a musical instrument.


Get out of your shell and meet your family members and old friends is good for the mental health and helps ward off the winter blues. Keep your lovely ones close, and make an effort to be always in touch with them, accept invitations from any social event, meeting new people will get you out of your bubble. Instead of feeling “trapped” inside, make a list of things you enjoy and find ways to engage in those activities.

Have a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food provide a better mood, gives more energy and prevents you from getting overweight. Control your cravings for carbohydrates like pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes; Replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, if you don’t like to eat them, squeeze them.

Absorb Positivity

Negativity is like a snake, it can easily reach you without noticing it, but taking stock of the positive can greatly improve your perspective and mood. Have some time each morning or night and write down everything you are grateful for in your life, it will give you positive vibes.

Open up

Talk with your close ones about your life, their life, how you are doing in work, and anything you want to talk about to get it off your shoulders share it with someone, they will motivate you and get you through your hard times. Most probably you will find them feeling the same way you are, no one has a perfect life, so you can help each other along by trading your stories and give tips or solutions to one another for both of your issues.

Treat Yourself

There are areas that has a harsh chill weather and people can’t get out of their homes, but that shouldn’t stop you from treating yourself, and plan for activities to have fun. In such situations you can plan for a movie night with your friends, or even alone with your popcorn and watch your favorite movie or Netflix series.

Get Bright Clothes

Popular Opinion: Winter clothes are either grey, black, or navy blue. Let’s break that rule and get brighter clothes this winter. There is a link between colors and the psychological state, dark clothes are like a dark trap, if you keep wearing them, you won’t get out. Wearing brighter colors will make you feel optimistic, cheerful, as your face will look more alive and shiny.