Missing the Old Christmas Spirit?

People now perceive Christmas as w a season for exchanging gifts only. In the age of technology, we forgot all about the fun celebration and the old Christmas spirit we used to have and enjoyed. Here are some old Christmas activities that are surefire gets you and your family into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Lights

automatically send a cheerful feeling to our hearts and eyes. It is the most colorful time of each year with all the Christmas lights hanged in the streets. So take advantage of that and drive around the streets just to look at these beautiful lights.

Secret Santa

is always a funny thing to make with your friends, it gives excitement and a lot of curiosity for who will give whom what. Just throw all the names in a bowl and have each person pick a recipient to give a silly, cheap gift to.

Christmas Tree

that is full of joyful decorations will complete your holiday spirit. Pick your tree carefully, as well as the decorations, it’s also better to have the ones you love to pick the decorations with and decorate the tree with as well, it will be funnier and make everyone get into the holiday mood.

Classic Christmas Music

 like Frank Sinatra’s and Bing Crosby’s famous holiday hits. The best part of this activity will be that everyone will be familiar with the lyrics, even the kids will sing along with the classic songs.

Set Quintessential Christmas Movies

and gather around with your family to watch them. The favorite movies of all time are: Holiday Inn, A Christmas Carole, Frosty the Snowman, Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life. In addition to the new Christmas movies that you can watch if they are not into classics: The Grinch, The Polar Express, The Christmas Chronicles, and the favorite of them all, Home Alone with all his parts.

Decorate your Home

With whatever materials you have. Our grandmothers used to search around their home yard for natural elements to dress up their walls. Natural items are prettier, more fresh, and free.

Quality Time

 That time of the year is all about family gatherings, outings, or going on trips all together. These gatherings are the memories we will recall after years with our children and grandchildren. Baking cookies with your young ones plan a family game night is also moments worth remembering after years. The point is to spend time with your family and be present in the big gatherings, don’t spend that time stuck on your tablet or smartphone.

Dress up Nicely

In all the gatherings during the holiday season. Take a look at the photos of our parents and grandparents, they are all dressed up and looking so elegant in suits and dresses. Kids and most adults actually don’t have many “dress-up nice” events to attend nowadays, everything is super casual and no one make any efforts to look neat and classy. So sometimes it’s okay to make your gathering a dress-up occasion so that it feels special and different.

Engage with your Stories and Memories

What makes the event special are the memories shared by each member of the family, and what makes each family unique are their traditions and values. The fun starts when your grandparents start telling stories about the childhood of your parents, like their holiday costumes and what kind of gifts they received when they were kids. Enjoy these stories, and celebrate what makes you a family.