Mona Abou Hamze

Mona Abou Hamze is a famous and gorgeous Lebanese TV personality and presenter, best known for her exceptional skill in the field. She was chosen to teach younger generations how to present on TV and won the Murex D’or award for her famous show ‘Talk of the Town’, which started in 2009 on MTV channel. She was also chosen as juror of two TV shows, Mouzii El Arab and Celebrity Duets. She is also the host of ‘The Story of my Life’ program on Dubai TV, a talk show that hosts celebrity couples depicting different stages of their life. Mona adorns this issue’s front cover and talks to us exclusively about her life and career achievements.

Did you plan to be a TV presenter or did it happen accidentally?
I always loved and admired the world of media and art. Acting, singing and TV presenting always infatuated me, but in my surrounding all these were not socially acceptable. I graduated with a degree in political science and got married right after. When my three children started school, I discussed presenting with my husband, started working on myself and in the year 2009 I was already on air.

What inspires you when selecting the themes for your TV shows?
My main show, Talk of the Town, covers current events in all fields. I can easily say that during the nine years of the show, we shed light on hundreds of important matters.

If you weren’t a TV presenter, what else would you have been?
An actress maybe.

What are the pros and cons of being a successful woman in the Middle East?
Just like the pros and cons of being a successful man, jealousy and unethical competition.

Your shows included themes about humanitarian issues, which one touched your heart the most?
My main love and devotion goes to ‘Talk of the town’ as it coves real human cases and sheds light on them.

What do you do in your spare time?
I’m a home person. When I’m not working, I’m always home taking care of the house and my children.

What is family to you?
It’s one’s life investment and the entity that matters the most.

Are there any hobbies you practice during your free time?
I love travelling a lot and I do travel whenever it’s possible.

What is your favourite travel destination?
I like exploring new countries, but I keep going back to France. I lately became fond of London as well because my kids studied there.

Could you tell us about your social circle?
It’s very narrow. I love people and I am a very friendly person, but I dislike attending events and gatherings that do not add any good neither to my life nor the lives of others.

Where do you see yourself in the upcoming five years?
Hopefully still working and witnessing my children’s success.

Does the physical appearance come in favour of success?
Yes, it does, as a first impression, but also people tend to judge good looking women more harshly.



Favourite food?

Favourite clothes and shoes brand?
Anything that makes me feels comfortable and pretty.

Three things in your handbag you can’t live without?
My credit card as no one welcomes you without it, my mobile and a pack of wet napkins.

Last thing you googled?
I was reading about the history of tea; its origins trade and etiquette.

Anyone you blocked recently?
I do block impolite followers though they’re not many.