Picking the right location for your honeymoon can be quite easy sometimes, but also very difficult for some couples because of the many different places you can choose from. Whether you want an adventurous city, romantic or beach honeymoon here are some breathtaking destinations you can dream away to while you’re planning. Enjoy!

Aruba, Caribbean Island

Imagine walking along seven miles of white-sand beaches, snorkelling in crystal clear waters and going from one island to another by foot or by boat. Aruba is not only a gorgeous spot to spend lazy days in the sun with your new life partner, it also has several different things to do such as kite surfing and other water sports.

Maui, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Maui is definitely a destination for true nature lovers. The beautiful nature you will experience on this tropic island is something we assure you can’t find anywhere in Egypt. Explore jungles, do volcanoes tours and trail hikes, and enjoy unforgettable windsurfing or snorkelling sessions.


Get as far as the reality as possible and enjoy Fijis turquoise waters, glittering sands, and lux resorts. If you’re not just satisfied with the incredible island, surfing and diving is also available along the beautiful reefs for adventure seeking couples.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of exclusive romantic hotels, lush hot springs, gorgeous beaches, and stunning landscape. Honeymooners can go hiking trough dense and beautiful tropical rainforests which are homes to some of the most exotic creatures in the world. If you want to do even more exploring take a canopy ride high above the trees in Manuel Antonio National Park. Whatever you decide to do, we assure you that Costa Rica is a honeymoon destination you won’t regret travelling to.

Bora Bora

Bora bora is simply the most beautiful island in the world. Imagine perfect white-sand beaches, luxurious resorts and a crystal clear water you have never seen before. This could easily be described as the center of the romantic universe, where luxury resorts and spas are all around the island with over water bungalows and thatched roof villas. This island has been welcoming couples for over 30 years and from sunrise to sunset each resort design their own unique romantic experience for all guests.

Santorini, Greece

The beautiful European island in Greece called Santorini is a very popular destination for honeymooners. Your first order of business in Santorini is to hit the colourful beaches, the black and red sands which make for a memorable visit and something you definitely haven’t seen before. Additionally, another thing you can’t miss while on the island is what the island is most known for and that is it’s incredible beautiful sunsets.

Venice, Italy

Venice, in Italy is the city of canals, gondolas and Italian cooking, who has earned bragging rights as a long-standing honeymoon favourite. Some people might say this romantic city is a cliche, however it’s not until you see it yourself you understand it’s incredible beauty and magical atmosphere. Romantic gondolas carrying couples coast along the web of waterways and outdoor restaurants with amazing Italian food is just two of the many things this city has to offer.

Paris, France

Even if you’ve been before, this romantic city has a fantastic way of making you fall in love with it, and each other all over again. Luxury hotels, dreamy side streets with food and wine, art, architecture, fashion, world-class museums as well as the worldwide famous Eiffel Tower are just a few of many reasons why this city has been considered the world’s most romantic city for a long time.

Florence, Italy

Florence is a city of renowned art and mouth watering Italian cuisine. Spend your days walking hand in hand through the beautiful streets and exploring the greenery of the Boboli Gardens. Enjoy the city of Florence full of hearty meals, amazing art, romantic hotels and magical atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Picking the right location for your honeymoon can be quite easy sometimes, but also very difficult”