Rami Kadi

Hes perfectly mastered the details, making them the trademark to the acquainted RK brand. He dreams big and achieves big, with a list of celebs like the queens of stage, Nicole Saba and Haifa Wehbe, in his portfolio, he is throned as one of the top designers in the Middle East. Becoming known as the King of Couture Rami Kadi.

First we need to know what attracted you to the fashion world?

I have been interested in fashion for as long as I remember. Since my early childhood, I used to alter my moms clothes and help her pick her outfits. By the time I graduated from high school I had already decided that my vocation was to pursue a career in the fashion field. I enrolled in fashion design school, ESMOD Beirut in 2005, from which I graduated with honors and distinctions in 2008.

How can you evaluate the industry in the Middle East today?

We can definitely say that the Emirates and the Middle East are a fashion hub for the Arab countries. Arab women are conservative but extremely stylish for that I have to give a lot of credit.

What is your source of inspiration as a designer?

In terms of creativity and inspiration, the world around me has always been a rich source of inspiration; it provides me with flashes of creativity all day long, from the moment I wake until I go to bed, and sometimes even in my dreams. For me, anything can be inspiring, the music I listen to, my interaction with people, the magazines I read, watching other designers fashion shows, etc. Traveling, visiting new countries and getting acquainted with new cultures and fashion salons is also a major source of inspiration for me.

I believe inspiration is not limited to my day-to-day activities; sometimes it strikes me in my dreams. When I dream about a new dress or design, I wake up in the middle of the night to draw it and then I go back to sleep

A lot of divas were spotted shining in Rami Kadi couture, who is your favorite to dress and why?

No one in particular, any woman that portrays Rami Kadi values and image.

The details in your designs add a feminine, classy and modern touch to your creations, how do you construct such a hard equation?

The woman I design for is living a normal life in today’s world, but stands out with her elegance and grace. I try to reflect that woman on each of my designs and give a lot of attention to details.

Being one of the top designers in the Middle East, what are the daily battles that you face to stay on top?

I do not face any daily battles to stay on top. The key to success is to be very passionate about what you are doing. You can succeed in anything if you really love what you do.

How do you prepare for a new collection? And whats the hardest part of the process?

My preparation for a new collection starts with a large selection of different fabric/material that I like. It helps my inspiration and leads me to a theme for my new collection. My favorite part of conceptualizing a design is working on the details of it. Every cut, every single detail is to be taken into account.

What is your advice for the upcoming designers who wish to follow your path?

To always follow their own creativity. Of course they have to be aware of the actual trend but their design should reflect them and their personality and not the trend.

If you get to choose one icon to be the face of your new collection, who would you choose and why?

I do not have a specific icon for my new collection, but if I have to choose a muse I would go for The queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, an artist who masters the art of seduction and whose fashion sense and attitude captivated me long ago. There’s something about Dita that glows with elegance and captivates everyone around her. She is the kind of women who turns heads wherever she goes.

Whats new for Rami Kadi?

While my dreams for the RK Brand are big, I am currently working on reaching new markets, mainly in the Middle East and Europe, where Im putting increased efforts on spreading the renown of my creations. At a later stage, I hope to be able to develop derivative products and departments, such as a baby clothing line for example, who knows, the sky is the limit to my imagination